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  1. It’s so crazy how the songs on the album are so different from each other yet so cohesive and fit right in
  2. This album is freaking amazzzzzzinnnngggg, y’all will love it so much.
  3. What? We just got a new single, a bunch of artwork, a release date & etc. what else do we want lol
  4. It’s fucking gorgeous how the exhale turns into wind blowing type of whistle
  5. Could we do this danceeeee againnnn
  6. Taylor is the biggest & smartest scammer I’ve ever witnessed
  7. Why do y’all hate Nikki Lane?
  8. I knowww lowkey want to delete what I posted. In my defense I didn’t know that it was him. I clicked on his profile & saw he was a Lana fan. Apparently he’s from around the same area in FL. & he came up as “someone you may know” on FB. This conversation happened a couple years ago. After I found out ngl I was intrigued, so I asked him about Lana (like his favorite song etc) & thought he’d probably ignore me because of the kidnapping situation. I didn’t think he’d be so open about it. anyway, sorry guys I don’t mean to derail the thread or “expose” anyone, so for the safety of this site & not to bring any unwanted attention to the topic or others it’s best not to talk about it I can go & edit my post or if a mod prefers to delete them.
  9. He said a lot of weird things. About what got him to do what he did, how it was a misunderstanding & how it was her “fault” he also claimed that he was writing a book about his life & he showed me & let me read the chapter in which he talks about the situation. Just know that it involves acid/DMT trips where he claims that the gods/spirits etc told him & assured him that Lana was put on this earth specifically to be “his”. Idk what more I can say without him finding out & coming at me. I had screenshots of our convo. If he doesn’t find out who I am, I can try & see if I can get the part of the book from him again. It has a lot of weird stuff idk what is real, but I’d like to believe that a lot of it is from his imagination & or drug induced hallucinations lol or something. p.s when I said that he uses this site, I meant that he used to lurk back before the incident. I don’t think he’s a member here. He sort of hates Lana now. He claims he’s “suing” her or was at the time idk
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