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  1. I love the song even though I don’t think it works well as a lead single. I just wish there was a little more of an outro, maybe some piano or guitar notes.
  2. Yeah I can definitely see that being the case. I’m just happy that we are getting official releases of all these recordings so they can all be in one place. I thought about buying the CD set but I think I’ll just listen on Apple Music honestly because I don’t have that much money to spend on CDs lol and I don’t have a record player
  3. The World Doesn’t Require You by Rion Amilcar Scott I’m going to finish it tomorrow!
  4. Joni Mitchell Archives Volume 1 - The Early Years (1963 - 1967) will be released on October 23rd! I’m so excited to finally have these rare early recordings
  5. I’m not expecting anything but I have to stay up until midnight because I wouldn’t be able to sleep anyways
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