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  1. i didn't know about this! i loved the version of Marina
  2. i don't think so... because frances is problematic (follow her twitter/instagram but she deletes everything} it's sad to see women destroying each other.
  3. this is to be expected hahaha Lana is not in the mood to releasing an album now. don't wait for her, it's just useless.
  4. Moon Driver


    Grimes in a tv show... this is weird ps: she is beautiful here!! i love the hair
  5. Moon Driver


    grimes: valkyrie sword dancing for new music videoz incoming ⚔️⚔️ ????? New video is coming
  6. Moon Driver

    Azealia Banks

    so much poison... i didn't even want to talk but girl, i pity... people and the industry forgot her, now she just want some attention, even some crumbs. i can't take her seriously.
  7. Moon Driver


    i'm so happy that she and the baby is fine! so cute!!
  8. Moon Driver


    why censoring the book “the art of war” of Sun Tzu in the video of Violence?? i'm confused...
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