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  1. Pnin

    Miley Cyrus

    Mmm idk if that’s quite chart manipulation, friend but honestly… it IS fishy. I can’t recall a more basíque #1 and most #1s are quite basic to begin with (no hate guys, I know MC likely has 0 to do with record label BS.)
  2. Pnin


    She strikes again
  3. Pnin

    Miley Cyrus

    How so? Not arguing, I believe it lol, but they didn’t do like physical copies for the #1 (like Rain on Me, Trollz by that awful young man and Nicki, etc) or multiple versions packaged as a single (more recently, Kill Bill by SZA, albeit unsuccessfully). So spill the tea I’m personally ambivalent towards this song and was shocked at the #1.
  4. I remember that day buying it at Target so clearly. I was just a boy can’t believe it’s been 11 years since then. It’s my favorite and lucky number ⭐️ Edit: I just texted my partner (whom I met a few months before BTD came out) about the anniversary and that I recalled that it cost almost 2 hours worth of work at the time (minimum wage was like 7 fucking dollars at the time). And she wrote me back, “Well now we’re back in the garden, we’re getting high now because we're older” and I fucking lost it 😭 We’re getting stoned tonight to celebrate.
  5. Check out the rest of his discog!!
  6. Yessss this reminds me of listening to this on vinyl drinking whisky with my big brother
  7. Perhaps one of the best torch songs of all time
  8. Bombastic bussy bop in the vein of cola thx Mr Grant!!
  9. Re: permutations, got me thinking about gematria, and sure enough “Taco Truck x VB” has a value of 1549, which is the same value of February Eleven… Need I say more??
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