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  1. Have to agree. Ultraviolence fucked me up and I’ve been chasing that high ever since
  2. petition for put the radio on to make it onto this album no particular reason, just the vibes the title’s giving me
  3. I’m excited and hopeful for this, but at the same time, this feels a lot like the “question for the culture” moment where she announced Sept 5 as the release date. I’m willing to be optimistic, but I’m also not going to take a June release date as holy writ
  4. Totally necroing this thread, but I haven’t seen anyone mention these lyrics in Raise Me Up: ”it’s like you said, it’s all been done before I don’t have to talk pretty for them no more I can talk what I want, how I wanna I don’t have to talk taste for you, mama” Maybe I’m reading too much into it, but I think that does kind of indicate that Lana and her mother don’t get along - and that her mother may have expected her to be more prim and proper, and more of a debutante. Lana is a self-branded free spirit, so this likely caused tension between them.
  5. So if she’s doing American classics, I think there’s like a 90% chance Springsteen’s I’m On Fire will be in there. Right? It’s pretty in line with Lana thematically, too.
  6. I’m not too up to date on what’s going on here, but Lana is getting DRAGGED out there. I just left three separate Facebook groups because literally 85-90% of the posts were ripping on Lana. I’m thinking this is going to be her “cancelled” moment.
  7. hello yes I have been awol on lanaboards since nfr dropped has anything interesting happened or are we in the desert
  8. So does Lana actually have a tangible singing part in it, or is she doing background vocals like we suspected? I’m at work
  9. Hi hello I've been working non-stop and don't want to backread. Any news on WHF?
  10. Elle's song sorter was the hardest thing I've ever had to do. I got to Off to the Races vs. Shades of Cool and I almost fucking imploded
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