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  1. what it's like having so much taste? Also, I completely agree with queen of disaster - and jealous girl, and meet me in the pale moonlight, etc. she needs to be profiting off those hype trains
  2. Not in order: 1. Break My Fall 2. Hawaiian Tropic 3. Say Yes To Heaven 4. Your Girl (!!!) 5. Wayamaya 6. Daytona Meth (a finished, polished version, specifically) 7. Is It Wrong? 8. Trash Magic 9. Velvet Crowbar 10. You Can Be the Boss 11. Serene Queen 12. French Restaurant 13. Greenwich (again, finished and polished) 14. Meet Me In The Pale Moonlight 15. Hit and Run 16. I Don't Wanna Go/Tonight Colour Blue/Wild One and Thunder would, at one point, have been very high on this list, but we're getting both of them In an absolutely ideal world, I'd like to see all of them released - with the exception of a very small few, I adore all of her unreleased songs. Songs like Daytona Meth and Greenwich, I would kill to hear finished versions of. I know there's a handful of variations of Daytona Meth under different names, but that's the one I like the most. I'm also very bitter that Say Yes To Heaven is not on BB. I just get the sense that it would vibe fantastically with the rest of that album.
  3. I've never even seen someone use that word on this forum before? I'm honestly not sure what triggered this meltdown. Did you just drop in and decide you were gonna start some shit? I don't personally use the word, but I'm also not going to tell other LGBT+ people whether or not they can reclaim a word that was originally used to hurt and discriminate against them. And you shouldn't be either. You're not the LGBT+ police.
  4. I think it's likely, if not probable, that she's re-worked the previously-unreleased songs to an extent - at least to update the vocals. Didn't Thunder and Cherry Blossom leak in like 2019? Also good morning girls, hope we're all feeling young, dope, and wild this Friday
  5. ok here’s another hot take: I think blue banisters is my least favorite of the four tracks we have so far. that’s not to say it’s not a beautiful track, cuz it is, but it just pales in comparison to the other three for me. should we rank the tracks we have? have we done that already?
  6. well we’re in the drought, I think. I’ll just be crying to wfwf and pretending yes to heaven and your girl are on the album until oct 22, if anyone wants to join me
  7. Arcadia - Olive green Blue Banisters - navy blue Text Book - baby blue Wildflower Wildfire - the eighth color of the rainbow that cannot be perceived by human eyes Dealer - Red and black Thunder - A muted bluish-purple, like dusk in the summer. I get very specific vibes from that one. Nectar of the Gods - Dark gray, pale purple Cherry Blossom - pale pink, bright yellow-white Living Legend - I actually never heard the leak for this, so I'm going to wait for the album
  8. rehash but i literally cannot get over how good godflower godfire is BURNS, BURNS, BUUUUUUUUUURNS
  9. I never see anybody in this thread doing the unreleased one, so here's my unreleased top 25: And my top 25: what can I say, I'm basic as eff
  10. Welcome to the circus! Glad you decided to join us.
  11. We have a tracklist for Blue Banisters! Yes to Thunder, no Fine China. 1. Text Book 2. Blue Banisters 3. Arcadia 4. Interlude - The Trio 5. Black Bathing Suit 6. If You Lie Down With Me 7. Beautiful 8. Violets For Roses 9. Dealer 10. Thunder 11. Wildflower Wildfire 12. Nectar of the Gods (Wild One/Colour Blue) 13. Living Legend 14. Cherry Blossom 15. Sweet Carolina
  12. I think my apathy towards COCC has more to do with the production than the lyricism or anything else - I genuinely believe some of Lana's most profound and beautiful lyricism has come from that record. When I imagine COCC with UV, HM, or even NFR-style production I tremble. It's Antonoff's production that turned me off.
  13. Idk. I might get dragged for this, but COCC is definitely my least favorite album of hers. It just doesn't have the same replay value for me as her other albums. That's not to say it's not a beautiful or cohesive record, because it absolutely is. It's just...not my cup of tea, I guess. It's the only album of Lana's that I don't have the lyrics memorized to, which is saying something. LFL definitely had consistency issues, in my eyes, but the individual tracks were solid and it's a beautiful record. I definitely wouldn't call it "lazy". To me, UV, HM, & NFR are the highlights of her career. I'm a big fan of all her work (I still absolutely adore BTD/Paradise), but those are her most fundamental records to me.
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