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  1. She's pissed off about the rumor that she blew up on a Target employee about BB CDs being put out early. Says it's obviously not true and defamation is wrong.
  2. Second this. I want her to do the whole album with a full orchestra tbh
  3. I just wanted to say this, and I have nowhere else to say it: For me, Lana's music - especially Born to Die, Ultraviolence, and Honeymoon - is so nostalgic, and so evocative of my teenage years. It triggers those memories and those sensations for me in a way that nothing else does. I first discovered Lana in 2011, with the Video Games MV; I was 13 years old. I'm 23 years old now. I literally grew up with Lana and her music. I remember riding in my best friend's car when I sixteen years old, screaming the lyrics to Born to Die and Off to the Races, not really understanding what they meant back then, but, simultaneously, understanding exactly what they meant. I remember being sprawled out on my bed, drunk, listening to West Coast, feeling every inch of it in the marrow of my bones. I remember Honeymoon, and Art Deco, and The Blackest Day, and all of the things those songs made me feel. Lana was an integral part of my childhood. An integral part of my formative years. And Blue Banisters feels like the ultimate cumulation of that; it feels, in a way, like we've grown and matured together. Here I am, ten years later, an adult who's seen so much and been so through so much in the last ten years. And I just feel like Blue Banisters reflects those feelings, and that maturation, so well. I don't know. I'm drunk, and I'm probably being over-sentimental. But I can already tell that this album is going to be significant, and sentimental, to me.
  4. I had this exact thought earlier today. I was in the car listening to IYLDWM. I used to think NFR was her magnum opus, the peak of her artistic prowess, but I stand corrected. It's this.
  5. Alright, I'm still withholding impressions until post-release, but here's my album ranking:
  6. Love that interpretation. Lana, Lizzy, and the media, maybe? Lana's public persona, who she really is, and the media who attacks both?
  7. resident UV slut here. I don't know if you'll necessarily be IN LOVE with it - it's not a direct continuation of UV by any means. But to me, it's closer soundwise to UV than the last few albums have been. Particularly Dealer, BBS, IYLDWM
  8. is this the UV part two I've been begging for????? it's more likely than you think
  9. I can't find the leak that has BBS can I twerk to it, y'all?
  10. okay hold on is there a complete leak yet? I'm not seeing bbs
  11. a leak is imminent, I can feel it in my bones. within the hour. I'm callin it
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