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  1. Arcadia is a beauty. Every single listen, I’m more amazed with the track - although I do wish the horns and strings were more prominent. I definitely love the studio version as the horns sound like a mariachi band - reminds me of LA since the Latine and Hispanic community is prominent there. Definitely giving my LA culture vibes. And it perfectly dives into the old western Hollywood film vibes of The Trio interlude. Cool idea - I would love for Lana to get into Latin music since she speaks/studied Spanish. Maybe a collab with my favorite Bachata and Reggaeton artists?!
  2. Aye my bad Lana fans - didn’t think this would rile and offend people on this thread that easily... I did not mean no memes or no fun on this thread… no, that’s not the point at all. i literally asked if there was “any other” thread other than this one - and it’s ight if there isn’t one. In all honesty, yes, it’s very annoying just trynna scroll past constant trolling. Maybe I’m just boring, but as someone who’s just passionate about reading other people’s theories on Lana’s art, creativity, writing, and poetry - it would just be nice being a part of a thread who’s passionate about that as well. Yes, I rarely post on here myself. and Yes, I understand that there is nothing to talk about right now. I guess imo I’d prefer no one say anything at all until new shit comes up, but I understand that it ain’t my thread. That’s why the question was brought up in the first place. lmfao i’ll just stick to reddit folks It’s honestly ight ya’ll. Thanks, Elle, along with with the other MODs for regulating everything. No need to create another thread cause I do believe it will be confusing - in addition, more moderating as well. Also, I apologize to mods as I am in no way implying anything. just a quiet lurker/reader. Peace n carry on.
  3. yo are there any other Lana threads on here where fans can discuss about the future of Blue Banisters in a more serious and concentrative manner? just thought it would save readers clicking of finding great ideas/concepts/theories from fans rather than scrolling through unnecessary spam.
  4. Fr like bruh, Jack didn’t ruin her career… Like people are THAT angry about a well received album. chill out folks. it ain’t that deep.
  5. Dang that’s just sad and discouraging for Mike, Lana, and majority of the people who actually liked that track. Although it’s not Lana’s worst track, it was the weaker of the three released in my opinion (writing wise & storytelling wise). For some odd reason it didn’t hit me like how BB and TB did. Mikes production wasn’t the issue here. BB talks about her sisters, appreciating them, appreciating their love, appreciating their guidance. it ends with Lana trying to focus on the people who will forever stay in her life to keep her happy. TB talks about a man truly understanding her, but it’s also Lana telling us that someone actually sees and witnesses her goodness in the world. WW just talks about themes we’ve already heard lots of times in the past. It’s still a very good song. ‘Lana’s becoming VERY VERY personal lately
  6. Hey, once in a while lurker here. Is there any new news on Blue Banisters? or are people still complaining about Jack? Last time i heard this random nobody claimed BB’s album title was not gonna be called BB, but that turned out to be CAP.
  7. Hi, can someone pm me the link of 320kbps Honeymoon? I would greatly appreciate it
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