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17 minutes ago, Orville Peck said:

is Green Heart, Purple Heart... but I gave it that title because I like it better. :oic2:


Although I think GHPH and Hieroglyphics are the same song. 

lmfao now its explained. i havent check the leaks yet thats why i was just ??? for a moment


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On 6/25/2023 at 4:29 PM, Sis said:

Yes get a job & stop harrassing me and Caroline Polachek Raupeka it’s sad.

the way im actually employed

7 hours ago, Orville Peck said:

Thank You!!! &>

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On 4/23/2014 at 12:12 AM, Lana Del Rey said:



Ramona Lisa AKA Caroline Polachek.






Ramona Lisa was originally in the synth-pop duo, Chairlift



She announced her solo career in January 2014 and also stated that she has been performing in bars under the name Ramona Lisa.



On twitter, she stylizes her genre of music as "Pastoral Electronic"



Being a new artist, she doesn't have much content. f6cd49e5.jpg



Arcadia, her debut album, is being released on April 28th 2014, but a stream is available on thefader.com



Listen to Arcadia HERE









I really do love the album and I love how it's just recorded using her MacBook and Midi instruments






Listen to some of her songs here









:flutter:  :flutter:


mother wbk

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I think the original Dang EP before it got turned into Desire mightve been


2: Dang

3: Bunny Is A Rider

4: Sunset

5: Billions


But I think Fly To You & I Believe are from late Dang/Early Desire

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