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Cruel Youth

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what is the point of starting all these side projects? just release music as cruel youth and try to make that happen. i mean, she can really make it work if she wants

come to my house let's die together, friendships that would last forever

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Has anyone separated all the leaks into two "albums" by any chance?


Here's my personal breakdown:


1. Coma

2. 1%

3. Dance Pon It

4. It Ain't Right

5. Delete My Number

6. Violet Roses

7. Mr. Badman

8. Madness (100,000 Fires)

9. Stupid Thing Called Love

10. When I'm Looking at You

11. Vultures

12. Happiest Girl



1. I Want It Now (Demo)

2. Madness [the "love or madness" one]

3. Goodbye

4. Legends

5. My Guy

6. Pure

7. Bullet Train

8. Riot in My Heart

9. Supernova

10. You've Really Got a Hold on Me

11. New Winter



[Then there's these, which I don't think fit anywhere, so I just have them off by themselves]

1. Rats (feat. Cyndi Lauper)

2. Kaleidoscope (Demo)

3. Florida Blues (Demo)

4. Alexis Texas (Demo)

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