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"The 405 from Venice"

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(the title of this poem is unknown)


You in the soft light

the 405 from Venice

a river of red


Even though it’s after 8 o’clock the traffic makes it one hour from Venice to Encino. 

Our car is higher than most on the road and as far as I can see forwards and backwards- a river of red tail lights. 
But you look so beautiful in red. Like a movie I don’t want to see end~
I never understood people who didn’t think traffic was romantic. There’s so much beauty in having to wait





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I liked this poem    :gclap:


I also think of traffic lights as romantic. A person has to always look at things in their surroundings at a  "diferent angle".

An artist usually see things very diferently than most people.


Blurred vision creates a bokeh of lights and sometimes a colorful painting...




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