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Hydroponic Weeds

How Tiger Kings Disappear ***NEW SONG OMG 2020 BEST SONG EVER OMG***

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Joe Exotic met me down at the tiger park

With cuts on his hands cause the claws are sharp

The blood flowed all over his hands


What you been up to my baby?

I haven't seen you round here lately

All of the guys tell me lies like you tried to get

Carole killed

And pretend that she's not here


This is how tiger kings disappear


Carole whacked her husband and hid the proof

Nothing left but the tracks of her shoes

We know that the tigers were fed

But she "loved that man like nobody can"
She placed him in a meat grinder

She'll watch as the cats get dinner

The last thing she fears,


This is how her husband disappeared


But now it's been years since he closed the park

And she's got no kids but some cats in the yard

The Florida hot sun and the tiger cage

She'll watch the sky as she writes

A fake death note and she

Thinks about her fears


Of how no one believes that he
just disappeared

No one thinks he disappeared

She never goin' anywhere



(LOL hope you guys liked my clickbait title)


if i fuck this model and she just bleached her asshole and i get bleach on my t-shirt, imma feel like an asshole

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