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Forever puzzled and charmed by Nevada (A.K.A. Lana del RAY)

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Hey guys! Not a frequent poster and I'm still getting used to the new format, so forgive me if this is the wrong section.


It's been a while since I last dedicated some listening time to Lana. I'm not sure if I fell out of love, or if maybe I'm not in the mind set that requires me to listen to her, but...

Last week I felt an urge to listen to Nevada A.K.A. again, completely out of the blue. It has been my favorite work of hers, since the very beginning. I discovered her with Video Games through Stereogum when it was released, and at the time, Nevada was her only complete album available.


I have always been puzzled and charmed by this album. Everything about it, from details to the whole mastering. So I decided to look stuff up about the production and not much came up.

I decided to visit discogs https://www.discogs.com/Lana-Del-Ray-Lana-Del-Ray-AKA-Lizzy-Grant/release/3370444 and saw the producer is David Kahne.

I'm looking for simmilar sounds, I really want to listen to works simmilar to this album. The artist itself is not something I'll limit myself about, but the production on this album is just breathtaking for me. My favorite songs are Yayo (don't even get me started about the time when this was rereleased) and Kill Kill. Put Me in a Movie and Jump are the other two songs which I most played off the album...


Investigating Kahne, I came to find something very surprising. He produced other works I really liked before knowing he was involved. Regina Spektor, Emilie Simon, Butterfly Boucher, and other names I wasn't expecting to come across (Paul McCartney, The Bangles, Kelly Clarkson and Ingrid Michaelson amidst others). Of course, there are no obvious simmilarities between the production for all these acts, which is a good thing, means this producer/artist is not "copy pasting" a formula across different people.


But I really WANT to find albums/artists that sound like this era of Lana.


Does anybody have any recommendations? I'm not being able to find anything based on websites (that same discogs release site I just shared recommended me stuff ranging from Madonna, to Coldplay and Rihanna, which, meaning no disrespect, have absolutely nothing to do with the unique brilliance of this record).


Once again, sorry if my post is not placed correctly


EDIT: I'm reading something about Steven Mertens/relax27 being the original producer of most of the songs that landed up in Nevada? And he's known more for being a video producer. Weird.


EDIT 2: http://www.mtv.com/news/2695337/lana-del-rey-first-album-5-points-records-interview/ this interview is interesting. Everything about this album is very mysterious to me. Who's this manager that decided to shelf the album?

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ldrakalg / nevada is also my favorite lana del rey album and possibly my favorite album in general, and yayo also happens to be my favorite song from that album, although i will say, every song on that album is my favorite in some way, i love all of them. 

i've yet to come across another artist / song / album that truly reminds me of this album, i feel like this album is one of kind, just in it's production style, the incohesive cohesiveness, the warm, nostalgic feeling it brings, the vocal style. i think another huge factor is the mystery surrounding it, since not very much is known about it, or that era in general. 

i would suggest diving deep into her unreleased tracks from this time period (2007 / 2009) and all of the demos for this album, if you haven't already. i honestly don't know what else i'd suggest because i don't know anything that really comes close to this album, but her unreleased work and demos from that time frame is the best answer i have.  hopefully some day in the future, the unleaked david kahne tracks leak, that would be really special. 


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