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Chemtrails Over the Country Club - Pre-Release Thread: Tentatively Out December 10th, 2020/January 7th, 2021

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so MAJORLY HIGHLY embarrassing but i tried to take one for the team and i DM’d one of Lana’s band members  on Instagram (he follows my personal for whatever reason) and simply asked him to like my message if Lana has anything up her sleeve genuinely SOON...

he saw my message and left me on read 🥰

I lost that round lol


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5 minutes ago, May Fucking Jailer said:

I’ve said before and I’ll say again, either this era will be a f@cking bomb or it will flop hard, nothing in between 

Don't be that way :sadcore2:

Don't you pretend :lolno:

You're not delulu :tongue:

When you know you are :point:

Lana Del Rey, COCC Is Beautiful

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1 minute ago, JazzSingrCultLeadr said:

late night talk show appearance where he will be providing piano accompaniment while she reads a poem from her new book Violet Bent Backward Over the Grass

this gave me second hand embarrassment I hope it never happens. 

I hope she’ll preform one of the actual album tracks on tv tho. Espc since they’re all pre-recorded bc of the pandemic, she could do some really cool visuals and effects she wouldn’t have been able to do in a live performance. 

♛ catch a wave, and take in the sweetness ♛

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