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Chemtrails Over the Country Club - Pre-Release Thread: Tentatively Out December 10th, 2020/January 7th, 2021

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4 minutes ago, LemonadeHeavens said:

these behind-the-scene pics are really serving me pawn shop blues/queen of the gas station/psychedelic vibes! i'm really excited for these upcoming visuals :popcorn: :party: 


adding onto this... it kinda reminds me of the pawn shop blues music video :wub: 





*~ n e o n  p a l m  s w a y ~*

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i’m honestly really annoyed considering her book is the thing that delayed her album and she’s not acknowledging it on the day of its release 

instead she’s helping chuck shoot a different artist‘s music video and we’re still completely in the dark 

sorry i’ll get over this I know we’ll be fed soon but sometimes i just want to rip my hair out 

anyways manifesting an announcement in the next week before my next breakdown:dance:

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24 minutes ago, bel air rose said:

well if this shoot wasn’t for chemtrails I HOPE we can assume all visuals are finished since she has time to help with other artist’s work:party:

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Let's be real. This is EXACTLY the sort of batshit insane, hella frustrating stuff she WOULD be doing right now. 

Lana Fandom: "Ooh...Lana's poetry book has launched I wonder when the album is launching?!"

Lana Mgmt: "Okay Lana, d'ya wanna drop a few tweets, or update you IG, let everyone know you're happy with the Violet launch?"

Lana's Friends; "Hey Lana, I know you're probably busy but any chance you could come on a shoot out in the middle of nowhere to help record a video for some other chick...or do you have something more important to do?"

Lana; "No...no...that's cool, I'm totally up for that...I don't have anything planned for today...what is today anyway? Tuesday? Yeah no, I was just going to Netflix & chill with Clayton...I can make it."

Lana fandom: "Wut?"

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Wild idea but is it possible that they were killing two birds in one stone and recording a music video for Elaynna AND working on something for Lana as well? Maybe not a music video but just for added visuals for the trailer or just a photo shoot. I’m desperate I know but I’m just trying to make it make sense. 

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Sheridan, Shanice, Byron, Elyanna

All of my kind friends of Lana who posted for us

no news about songs


I check this thread for you

I turned my back on hearing from she who went blonde 

I swear I won’t stop until I’m dead

and here I am at page 1588, how long can I wait?


Jokes aside, I’m happy to wait for this record, because it’s a beautiful thing to wait for something that will be amazing! Let’s romanticize the journey to getting there! 


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