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Chemtrails Over the Country Club - Pre-Release Thread: Tentatively Out December 10th, 2020/January 7th, 2021

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I wanna be team delulu and think this means maybe something is coming but I think its just general promo, Amazon was advertising let me love you like a woman so this is probably just a continuance of that

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I wish she'd have conversations recorded w Alexa for promo along the lines of like: 

Lana: Alexa, what's the weather like for today? 
Alexa: 87 degrees F, with a chance of chemtrails.  
Lana: What's going on in Tulsa today? 
Alexa: There's a rodeo event happening nearby soon. Would you like to perform at the event? 
Lana: Yes. But don't tell the gays. 
Alexa: Homophobic. 
Lana: Thank you. 
Alexa: By the way, the IT homosexual- 
Lana: . . . 
Alexa:  -working with us at Amazon instructed me to ask you when he should check the site source codes for the release of your-
Lana: Stream LMLYLAW, and my poetry, out now. 
Alexa: - record Chemtrails Over The-
Lana: Thank you! *hangs up*
Alexa: . . .  
Alexa: Now playing, LA Who Am I to Love You?  


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13 hours ago, Lustformoney said:

Anyways i wont complain anymore, im just gonna sit and wait for the meltdowns when album finally comes out in august 2021 and its an incohesive country-trap-piano ballad political mess with 5 collabs and then i will remind you how much yall dragged me back then:brows:

like lust for life 

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