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Chemtrails Over the Country Club - Pre-Release Thread: Tentatively Out Spring/Summer 2021

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4 minutes ago, White Dress said:

Yes. But it’s has for the past 2 months 


1 minute ago, Lavender Sunshine said:

Yup but it's very vague and as White Dress said it was already there apparently

okay, thank you! I don’t have Spotify so I didn’t know, I figured it did though since she’s been mentioning it since the first of this month! 

(She’s talked about it since May though, but I pretend that doesn’t exist)

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3 minutes ago, gsnlp said:

On her notes app, ready to be published 

that’s very optimistic 


I get the feeling it’s so far away she hasn’t even prepped her notes app or Instagram drafts yet :rip:


October truly is going to be a spooky season 

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I know I’ve been very *The poetry book is coming first before anything album related* and *give the book a couple of weeks to breath and then Lana will post about the album* 


but goodness, this is exhausting. I wouldn’t even care if she made an Instagram post with album and track list announcing a March 2021 release date. She said on the first she loves the record, so it has to be done (meaning a finalized track list) I know the poetry needs to shine and it’d be a mega bad move to announce the album the same week as a major project is just released 




all of this speculation, running in circles, keeping track of everyone around her’s stories and posts and dissecting every piece of information we get (or don’t get) is just...I’m exhausted. I want news, I wanna feel hype, I want to be excited...I’m hoping it doesn’t drag on enough to turn into a NFR situation where by the time the album comes I’m sour to the whole thing and not as excited as I know I should be

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