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"American Standards & Classics" Cover Album - Pre-Pre-Release Thread

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1 minute ago, LanaBoi said:

How do we know which covers album she's working on though? Didn't she say that she was working on a country covers album and a standards covers album? 


She'll cover Nikki Lane songs. :awkney:

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Manifesting that she serving real "Flower Bookmark" - IU vibe this album, let's go miss Lanz

~ Dance me all around the moon,

             spin me like a ballerina - super high ~                                               


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It looks like she's been working on the covers album again for awhile this year, as the picture she just shared appears to be from the same day she shared this picture last month based on the clothing & jewelry she's wearing! x



• 4.18.14 • 5.1.14 • 9.20.14 • 5.28.15 • 6.14.15 • 7.28.16 • 7.24.17 • 10.23.17 • 10.24.17 • 1.25.18 • 2.5.18 • 12.5.18 • 10.3.19 • 10.11.19 • 11.16.19 •

SF • ATL • ATL • IND • ATL • CHI • LDN • NYC • NYC • DC • ATL • NYC • PDX • SAN • KS


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Cocaine by Eric Clapton

Slippery People by Talking Heads

Personal Jesus by Depeche Mode

So Real by Jeff Buckley

On The Beach by Neil Young

Shine On You Crazy Diamond by Pink Floyd (... all 17 minutes of it)

Our House by Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young

Star Star by The Rolling Stones (would die to hear her yell STAR FUCKER multiple times :squidward:)

Oh! You Pretty Things by David Bowie (still so relevant :krylie:)

Heart-Shaped Box by Nirvana

Oh Daddy by Fleetwood Mac

Sierra by Boz Scaggs

California Sunshine Girl by Roy Orbison

Heart Of The Country by Paul McCartney

I'll Be Around by The Spinners



i hope the background vocalists from Summertime Gershwin Version (Melodye, Tata, and Kenna) are on the covers album too! 


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6 minutes ago, TrashMagiq said:

hoping it won’t be an album full of songs like summertime (literally her Worst cover it did not suit her voice at All) / whatever patsy cline nikki lane mess she was on a while ago

Yikes summertime is her best cover


i hope there are a lot of rock songs tho like nirvana maybe santana covers lol but she wont

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3 minutes ago, Venice Peach said:

Imagine if this is not even the AS&C album and she's covering like random Ariana Grande songs :thumb3:


this would be so much better than her covering old jazz songs she’ll never be able to make her own. Like, not necessarily random Ariana songs but something Doin’ Time-esque would be exciting 


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picture this...it's October 22, 2021, and the world rejoices as Lana Del Rey's magnum opus, Blue Bannisters drops...concurrently with her covers album

the streets are full of the girls and the gays crying and throwing up

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1 hour ago, Elle said:

Prolific queen!




If I get a little prettier can I be your baby?




I believe in Flipside/Is This Happiness?/Your Girl supremacy

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i'd love to see her cover...


california dreamin' - the mamas & the papas

riders on the storm - the doors

give you my lovin' - mazzy star

lilac wine - jeff buckley

wicked game - chris isaak

and i love her - the beatles

kokomo - beach boys

some velvet morning - nancy sinatra & lee hazelwood

why don't you do right? - peggy lee/jessica rabbit

where did you sleep last night? - nirvana/leadbelly

venus in furs - the velvet underground

it's been a long, long time - kitty kallen

the end of the world - skeeter davis

happiest girl in the u.s.a - donna fargo

santa baby - eartha kitt


i have a very basic level of knowledge of classic songs :toofunny:


honestly i basically listed a bunch of older songs i like/songs she's covered before, she could honestly cover anything and it'd be amazing :toofunny:

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