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Smiley Requests

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At the request of Sitar, Dead Banana and The Girls (plus, a few randoms):




Oh_no.png :ohno:


smh.gif :smh:


shock.gif :shock:


saywhat.gif :saywhat:


really.gif :annoy:


ponder.gif :ponder:


oop.gif :oop:


oh.gif :stare:


lick.gif :lick:


hello.gif :hello:


headache.gif :headache:


glam.gif :glam:


fume.gif :fume:


damn.gif :damn:


wipe.gif :wipe:


understand.gif :understand:


tea.gif :mug:


smoke.gif :smoke:


omg.gif :omg:


eyedown.gif :shades:


come.gif :come:


brow.gif :brow:


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GVCKp.gif :

moist/10 dat grind

You know after all this time, I still get so mesmerized by this gif o.O. This is a remembrance for the dear memory of mermaidmotel.co.cc


While PBaby's code is very clear for the emotions being conveyed, I think it's importante to keep the letter strings minimum, don't you think so, babe? Hence, I propose:









And who said that I'm not gonna post here myself Sitar? Oh, right u said that. Well, here I am.

I extensively abused the following gifs in the past, idk if I will or ever need too, but it's absolutely not imperative to have them in the Emoticon, as I could easily resort to dem imgur.


xrDZN.gif:blush2: --like in "D'aww man, you're makin me blush here.."


Since Maru hasn't response to my request to that emo James Deen gif, let's have a room for this iconic crey guy at Amoeba. The performance was so powerful that rendered this guy speechless and crey *snif*.. I feel you, man.


JLMg2.gif:wiggle: or maybe :brow2: seeing Hellion already got the :brow: This is the gif that made Sitar figured me out x]




Actually that last one I used quite often here recently, how can I not? It conveys me feels perfectly. Any excuse to whip out any pic of that long, glorious, swan-like throat that she knows so well how to flaunt. How come we haven't got the Lana's Neck Appreciation thread yet? ♫ She got a great ass neck and she knows how to show it.


And Sitar, where's that pic of pondering (security?) mustachio man on the corner, that looks like Bashar Assad? Me feels I'm gonna need that emoticon very soon.


And finally, not nearly as flawless or sassy as OffToTheRaces' (that version gonna be remembered dearly in our hearts). I present you





Lol, see that's so ridic. I don't even know what shade the blush-on should be, Maru gonna kill me for my make-up skillz, if you advise I would revise. Srsly tho, I still don't know what/when/why/how/to whom this emoticon will be useful for. Give me example now. Or is it like one of those funny tumblr kids where they post regular conversation lines and end it all with an 'ew', and they will all automatically be funny? Like:


I luv my mum, ew

I ate an ice cream, ew

I visited Coney Island, ew

I listened to LDR today, ew

It's you.., it's you..., it's always.., ew

I look in the mirror for the first time, ew


Or is it for leaks purpose, bribing members with sexual favors? x]


Honey, I know you have demo 3 of Brite Lite, check PM, I'm ur Carmen tonite GsCzZ.pngxoxo



DISCLAIMER: I hereby, am not responsible if Lana gets too pissed off by the content above and see to it that :ben: takes action.





Adios for now... *flees from the crime scene*


..but believe me when I say that the surveillance we live under is the highest privilege compared to how we treat the rest of the world.

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Guest Maru the Cat

Since Maru hasn't response to my request to that emo James Deen gif...


Wait, what?! I am always supportive of a James Deen gif!

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