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Random Lana Discussion Thread

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9 minutes ago, Doll Harlow said:


i'm still so mad that i didn't see her during this tour. her voice, her outfits, her hair. it's one of lana's peak eras. next time she tours (whenever that will be), i hope she sounds like this again.

I was at that concert back in 2015 :wub: just a sophomore in high school it feels so long ago. She looked so tired though 


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On 11/18/2021 at 11:02 AM, Venice Peach said:

That video from Lana sending a random Camila love after her break up is going viral now that Camila and Shawn are no longer together :thumb3:


omg where is it lmfao


29 minutes ago, Thunder said:


The other endeavors she was talking about being classes at school or pursuing a masters in creative writing or philosophy makes so much sense to me??


it does and I'm honestly living for it 

1.jpg  3.jpg  2.jpg 

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I'm not very enthusiastic about writing this, but I've been wanting to talk about it for a while. I didn't know where to post this, it might sound weird. Lana is an artist who took me to another dimension, and made me spend hours and hours listening to her music, imagining things, remaking the world, a bit like a traveling companion. She's been with me through the best and the worst, a bit too much. It's complicated but I am thinking of stopping listening to his music, I have the impression that it gives me bad karma. And yet God knows how much I love her and I could never of her.


In fact, every time she releases an album, in the following week I have some pretty serious things going on in my life. And when she releases a record since Paradise I know for a fact that I have to prepare myself to deal with difficult things. It's quite personal but I have to tell it.


- Born to die is the only one who didn't do anything to me, it was an extraordinary time.
- Paradise, 3 days later I lost my biggest friends like that when nothing foreshadowed this, a huge betrayal that I never imagined seeing that we had been talking to each other for years, I had to face this pain.
- Ultraviolence came out and I failed my graduate exam a few days later or followed by severe depression.
- Honeymoon arrived, 4 days after my mother had a heart attack, I lost my job in the process and I had a (first) illness which took me several months to recover.
- Lust for Life came, the next 7 days I learned of the death of my 2 aunts.
- Norman Fucking Rockwell is released and 5 later I learn that I have an incurable disease.
- Violet her poem book arrives, I learn 3 days after that my cat is seriously ill.
- Chemtrails comes out and my beloved cat dies 6 days later.
- Blue Banisters came out and my other cat that I loved so much died suddenly.


It's weird but I feel like I have to get away from her. It's not her fault, maybe a weird coincidence, but it really makes me think. I'm drawn to her music like a magnet, and she too somewhere. I love her posts, her news, the great community, she is absolutely exciting, I really love her but I don't know if I should keep listening to her. There is a spiritual thing, maybe in the end I don't know anything. I'm quite confused. I don't live very well.


Here I put it here, my curiosity will never prevent me from following it I think and it is a problem. I'm going to try to get away from her anyway.

I don't know if people here have been through similar things, or I just have bad karma and that doesn't mean anything. Thank you for listening to me.

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In a cat cafe and Chemtrails song is playing :D


Edit: Cinnamon girl is playing now, whoever does the playlist has great taste!


Happiness is a butterfly and Beautiful too 

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On 11/11/2021 at 4:38 PM, IanadeIrey said:

Carmen is such a well-written song. There’s the obvious storytelling about its namesake, but there are also two extended metaphors related to addiction and actual substances that make it such a genius, layered piece of poetry. 

The interplay between —


1. The verses + bridge (that detail Carmen’s experiences, perhaps as a user)


2. The chorus (which analogizes Carmen — the user — into the actual substance, with lines about potential effects [“cartoon eyes”, “butterflies”, a “mind like a diamond”] and “white lightning” being a likely street name for a substance that Carmen gets compared to)


— is so enriching to listen to. It’s a tragically beautiful song and is just so eerily glamorous. It’s one of my favourites off of Born to Die and it’s so, so underrated.


I think there is so much more to this song than people give it credit for, and what I’ve just written here barely scratches the surface. I could write a whole dissertation on this! 

The live version she did for NPR in 2012 is probably my favourite version. The acoustic arrangement makes it more haunting and lonesome, and her vocals shine beautifully here. The “weaknesses” are the strengths. They convey the true depression and pain of this track that I find to be absolutely beautiful, real, and raw.

This fan-edited music video is perfect for this version too, and conveys its bone-chilling beauty. I recommend that everyone who comes across this post gives it a watch — I’ve seen this for years but it’s so worth revisiting. 



Carmen holds a special place in my heart and I'm glad that I know other people love this song. I remember being 14 and I was having a hard time and really goin thru shit and I couldn't bring myself to sleep bc I'd have awful nightmare's but one day I clicked on Lana Del Rey's Carmen, and that song made me fall in love with her lol I'm so sappy


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It's so funny that if commercial best-of-albums were still made, a LDR one would include mostly her most famous singles and a few promo singles that either performed well or were released as a single to promote its respective album - Video Games, Blue Jeans, Born To Die, Summertime Sadness, Young & Beautiful, Ride, West Coast, Brooklyn Baby, High By The Beach, Love, Lust For Live, Mariners Appartment Complex, Venice Bitch, Hope Is A Dangerous Thing, Doin Time, LMLYLAW, CoCC, Blue Banisters, Arcadia - and then SUDDENDLY there'd be the screaming masterpiece that is Dealer, which only made it's way on the compilation because streaming (rightfully) made it become a big thing :rip:


~You roll like thunder~

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26 minutes ago, Venice Peach said:

That's enought for my delulu ass. I'll start manifesting and thinking about tracklist and new cover right away :hype:

Born to be on a John Deere feat. Nikki Lane :hype:

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I wish Lana kept her blonde hair for longer, she really suits it. I think she changed it because people kept calling her a Karen and it's quite sad

Like the Paramount sign sparkling, sparkling just for me

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