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Photo editing software/ apps

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I'm hoping someone can help me here.


I see so many amazing edits here. I'm wondering what software or apps do you use?


My brother lost everything in a flood over the weekend. 


He and his wife lost all of their photos;wedding photos,  Family photos ect. I found some on Instagram, Facebook and Flickr. 


I want to clean them up and try to reprint as a many as possible. 


Any program help would be greatly appreciated. 

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If you're using a phone, use Pixlr or Snapseed


If youre on an iPad you could use those same apps or you could even edit in Procreate with an Apple Pencil


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Luckily, both Windows and Mac OS X come with their own free photo-editing software: GIMP, Paint . Net ,  Photofiltre,  Darktable, ...etc,

There are also some online photo editors such as Pixlr, Photopea, Fotor, Befunky, Canva.

And A drawing tablet like XP-PEN ( https://www.xp-pen.com ) is useful to your workflow which  you can use it to edit in GIMP or other photo editing software.


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photoshop is the BEST in my opinion but of course it's not always affordable


i'd say pixlr or photopea is probably the next best thing :true:


i would NOT use gimp because it's very hard to work with in my opinion - it was designed by programmers and not designers so it's very tech-y and confusing

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