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Making my own fan mixtape: Wild One

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I was really bored so I decided to reunite songs that for me made some sense sonically, and then I tried imagine as an era of lana! And i'll be updating moodboards and new details of this ''era'' here. Hope you enjoy :wub:






So when I hear songs like,

''Thunder'' and ''Wild One'' the presence of the electric guitars always made me feel some depth like physically and metaphorically and the riffs of songs like ''I Don't Wanna Go'' reminds me of a scenery like a dark forest with fog. Bringing all those thoughts, I came with a concept of Lana's wild side, something really instinctive and mysterious. The love stories of the mixtape are very intense and for me fells like a hunt. So all these elements brings one forest alive, her own forest.

- LINK -



mini booklet:



Hope yall enjoy and feel free to any opinion or advice, just be kind cause i'm a newbie here so i don't know many stuff. :party:

I'll be adding new stuff to the project as soon, like vynils and tour posters (maybe).



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