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On 5/25/2021 at 6:29 PM, CmonDownToFL said:


Would it be a reach to assume when she says

“I guess you could call IT text book”

the “it” she’s referring to is “daddy issues”? Cause then she goes on to almost define what that term means or a common pattern people who have those issues tend to follow. I feel like she didn’t wanna flat out say it cause then people are gonna say she’s romanticizing it or they’re gonna say she’s too grown for that (as if those issues go away with time alone). 

what do we think? Do we think I’m on to something or do we think there’s worms in me brain?

That's absolutely what she's referring to, a Freudian 'Electra' complex. She's saying, "I have a textbook case of 'Love Daddy, Hate Mommy, my competitor for Daddy's attention." 


When she says, "And then there was the issue of her," she's likely referring to her mother, especially as she trounces her mother as something of a monster on in 'WFWF.' As all these 'Electra' thoughts and emotions boil up, she says, "I never felt jealous before this year, but I'm jealous now," because she's projecting her jealousy of her mother onto everyone and everything, and certainly onto any woman who enters their orbit with an eye on Sean (or whomever the man or other person is). 

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On 5/26/2021 at 4:59 PM, cru3lworld said:


this goes two ways right? people who don't support BLM and people who DO support BLM. 


it's quite jarring to hear in a song by an artist like her absolutely. Is Lana singing about her life and where it led to and the people she met along the way? Yes. Has she made some missteps in the way she's communicated things in the past? Sure. 


I don't find Lana to be harmful with this lyric. It's real, it happened, she was at the protests and something happened and she sang about it. Just like literally every other song she has written. 


I think it will take some getting used to, but I also believe that a long time from now it will be a song that is looked back on and is noted for its relevancy. Not many other white artists sing about current events and authentically and with the emotion the way that Lana does.  

I don't think that's necessarily true, how you feel about the line and whether or not you support, don't support, or are indifferent to BLM, though I agree with most everything else that you've said. 


For good or bad, better or worse, the BLM protests have been a significant part of American life for the past 3-5 years, and they'll be remembered the way the protests against the Viet Nam war in the late 60s have been. They're part of the American record. 


I think the lyrics reflect an actual experience of hers. It's very likely that she attended at least one BLM protest, with or without Sean, and, later, in reflection, it gave her a pivot point for the song. Who wouldn't be affected by such an experience? 


Unlike some here, I don't think she's saying that Sean, or whomever was with her, saw her in that moment as an authentic BLM supporter and thus 'saw her for who she is,' while the other person was not a supporter, and that individual's lack of support for BLM drove them apart once and finally.  


I think the second party's seeing her 'for who she was' at that moment was something that bonded them together, because the second person was seeing, however briefly or not, her authentic self, and we know authenticity and identity are issues that have long-troubled LDR. And, at that moment of mutual recognition of one another (whether the other supported BLM or not), she also felt, "God, I wish I was with my father, [that] he could see us in all our splendor." It was a moment of realization for her, and of something resembling pride in the best sense. 

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