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Alison by Slowdive

Sister Songs (Lana vs non-Lana) ??

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Associate a Lana song with a non-Lana song for whatever reason u find (sonically, lyrically, thematically, etc.)


For example:

Dark But Just A Game by Lana Del Rey and Glory Box by Portishead 


(or Get Free and Creep by Radiohead :wat: :mariah:)



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for some reason out with a bang really reminds me of slow like honey by fiona apple?? can't explain it

it's terribly simple. the good guys are always stalwart and true. the bad guys are easily distinguished by their pointy horns or black hats, and we always defeat them and save the day. no one ever dies and everybody lives happily ever after.

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Norman F*king Rockwell (the song) and Fiona Apple's "Love Ridden" have quite a lot of sonical parallels and they also kind of represent two sides of the same coin thematically.
On NFR Lana is settling for someone she may not actually really feel that much for, but she seemingly talks herself into it. On Love Ridden Fiona lets go of a relationship that has lost its thrill, she talks herself out of holding on to someone.


This one might seem a bit wird, but I often associate 13 Beaches with the Gorillaz song "Fireflies". The track could have been so easily sung by Lana, especially the lines "Cause all my fear's invaded, all the crazies put on busses and sent up here to find you- living on the limits" feels so close to 13 Beaches' pre-chorus. The atmosphere, and the thematic of someone feeling like they fade away really flows similarly in those two tracks.


~You roll like thunder~

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