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Lana at the 2021 Met Gala?

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46 minutes ago, prettywhenimhigh said:

in my head me and rosalia are dating but I hate the bottom half of her look except the boots


yeah i thought her look was actually really cool but i wish the boots didn't have those chunky platforms.


my fav looks of the night:

–didn't love saweetie's dress but loved the flags that made up her train and also made the look on theme

–nikkie de jager's gorgeous blue flowered dress with a lovely homage to marsha p. johnson– also on theme!

–lorde looks fantastic but idk how her look fits the theme

–idk what frank ocean is up to but thank god for some eccentricity on the carpet

–ditto dan levy– was his look an homage to david wojnarowicz? i couldn't tell for sure but if so i love that (edit: apparently it was! and love this, from vanity fair: "And in the spirit of Wojnarowicz’s influential AIDS activism, Loewe has donated to Visual AIDS, an organization Wojnarowicz long-supported that continues to promote AIDS awareness and education.")

–grimes and her sword made of melted down gun was one of the best statements of the night



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On 9/13/2021 at 3:43 AM, Honeyyoung said:

even though she wants to keep herself away from the public eye, the passports post was very suspicious. i'm thinking she's organizing her passports to fly to new york

I don't  think she's going to fly to New York but I think  she plans on leaving LA 

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