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Blue Banisters - Post-Release Discussion Thread + Poll

Blue Banisters  

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  1. 1. What are your favourite tracks from Blue Banisters?

    • Text Book
    • Blue Banisters
    • Arcadia
    • Interlude - The Trio
    • Black Bathing Suit
    • If You Lie Down With Me
    • Beautiful
    • Violets for Roses
    • Dealer
    • Thunder
    • Wildflower Wildfire
    • Nectar of the Gods
    • Living Legend
    • Cherry Blossom
    • Sweet Carolina

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37 minutes ago, Thunder Revenant said:

Wow, this actually blew my mind and makes so much sense! The only line I can't link to that interpretation is " Please don't try my father either. he ain't been home for years"

I mean it’s not that crazy to think they might have separated at one point. 
His daughter shades his wife online regularly-there clearly is a complex family dynamic at play. 

If it is about her mother, she clearly thinks Lana is very entitled. 

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34 minutes ago, brandon said:

Well, IYLDWM was added to major playlists & lanz said it might get a video so it seems that, in her and her teams mind, it’s a single 


i’m still assuming dealers about g-eazy, (firstly bc he’s a POS) but second because the dad thing would make sense - he and his mom left his dad when he was super young 

I agree; he's also a massive cokehead (confirmed by Halsey) and the timing fits

I can imagine him saying all that stuph to her

Thanks for buying me my meal at Denny's and my shit at Home Depot. Thanks for that, kids. Luv ya

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If Dealer is about G-Eazy then damn...he must've really pissed her off if In My Feelings, White Mustang and Dealer are all about him :oopna: He deserves to be dragged through the mud though so I'm definitely here for it 


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ik nobody cares but since i've let this album ~marinate~ for a week and a half (:hooker:) i'm ready for my rankings


BB Top 5 (in no order): Living Legend, Text Book, Black Bathing Suit, Dealer, Violets for Roses

It's super rare for me to like singles so much, but Text Book really has that power. Blue Banisters is a masterpiece album; it's mere existence has a fucking chokehold on my sanity.


Peace by vengeance brings the end.

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I need to catch up I haven't been back since like page 15 but I just came here to say- I lost a family member on the 22nd who actually enjoyed Lana even though she was older. This album might be taking Honeymoons place as my second favorite after UV. Idk if its only because of my situation but regardless I just think these songs are SO gorgeous, meaningful and necessary in Lana's discography.. even the ones we already had. 


Living Legend, Sweet Carolina & Cherry Blossom have me SOBBING every day 


I can't believe this is what i'll always associate this album with now but i'm SO thankful for it and satisfied with the songs she picked


the fact that i just got my second or third fav lana album ever is still so crazy to me.

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I always thought Dealer was more of a mood track, and is one of those songs where Lana’s depiction of the person she’s addressing is a more universal one (like an archetypal ex-boyfriend) and is meant to reflect more on her state of mind, than just be about the character type she’s singing to.

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yeah dealer is fucking genius

shit we really needed a solo version of her singing it and changing her voice to play both characters it'd be so amazing and would give us a little OTTR vocals throwback :oprah:

vAGjeRT.jpg  12XP3Fn.jpg  CMlHLdt.jpg 

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