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Blue Banisters - Post-Release Discussion Thread + Poll

Blue Banisters  

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  1. 1. What are your favourite tracks from Blue Banisters?

    • Text Book
    • Blue Banisters
    • Arcadia
    • Interlude - The Trio
    • Black Bathing Suit
    • If You Lie Down With Me
    • Beautiful
    • Violets for Roses
    • Dealer
    • Thunder
    • Wildflower Wildfire
    • Nectar of the Gods
    • Living Legend
    • Cherry Blossom
    • Sweet Carolina

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1 hour ago, CmonDownToFL said:

The way there’s songs on this album I purposely do not play because they’re so beautiful they make me incredibly emotional :trisha:

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I still get the streams in don’t worry 


Yeah, this album makes me so emotional too :wowcry: 

So I stream in volume 0 when feeling emotional and volume 100 when feeling emotional too so :deadbanana:

"I'm wild, I'm free, no man can handle me."


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46 minutes ago, sjatib said:

 Something similar is happening to me regarding the record. Like, I listened to it a handful of times and got totally haunted by it. Such an amazing, complex, powerful album. But I feel it's actually too heavy on all levels to listen to it frequently. Not something I can just play casually without having to do a certain emotional/cognitive effort while at it. But that's actually what makes it so special as well. As a big, old book to go back to from time to time to reflect on it. The most substantious, relevant project Lana has given us till today (and thats a lot to say).


me a double water sign listening to blue banisters 6 times a day 




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My updated list after a couple of days and many listens: 


  1. Text book
  2. BBS
  3. Dealer
  4. Thunder
  5. WW
  6. IYLDWM 
  7. Nectar of the Gods
  8. Living Legend
  9. Blue Banisters 
  10. Violets for Roses
  11. Sweet Carolina
  12. Arcadia
  13. Beautiful 
  14. Cherry Blossom
  15. Trio 

(hot take: I feel VFR, Beautiful and Cherry Blossom could have been album highlights under Jack’s production. The lyrics are there but the melody and production aren’t that interesting. They give me WAH and NATWAL energy.)

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hey everyone! I wanna start a fan project that everyone can contribute to but i need some help; check me out on my main IG @lightsforlana for more information

but in theme with blue banisters i wanna hand out blue paper cards at concerts to change our flashlight colours to blue!! I've seen some other fandoms do it and its so beautiful, id love some more support <3

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3 minutes ago, SweetHenny said:

The only tracks I skip in this album are Wildflower Wildfire and The Nectar of the Gods. Drag me :nails:

You really don’t like being wild huh :w8ing:

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hi everyone!! wow, 6 days and almost 146 pages late to the party!! :shock: i've been so busy so i've not been able to log into LB much (the internet servers at work don't let me :icant:) but needless to say i've been listening to BB a TONNE and honestly..... im so happy with how much i love it :wub: here's my current thoughts, ordered from most fave to least fave, definitely subjec to change though! (also not very articulate or detailed bc im so tired right now hahah)


  1. Dealer - if you guys remember me at all you'll probably remember how excited i was to hear Lana and Miles Kane together and WOW. this track did not disappoint, they sound AMAZING together, lana's pained and manic screaming is EVERYTHING, i love the weird lounge-meets-grunge vibe of the track?? it's such a unique song because it's so simple yet so experimental??
  2. Beautiful - fuckkkkkkk this song is just........... *chef's kiss* i literally am fighting tears every time i hear it. the lyrics make me feel so seen? like.... if i had the option to be happier and more normal i'd probably take it but thank goodness i don't have that option bc like WHAT IF SOMEONE HAD AAAAASKED PICASSO NOT TO BE SAAAAAD?!?!!?! its so so so so so so gorgeous, it makes me feel so understood <3
  3. Black Bathing Suit - didn't expect to end up loving this one as much as i do!! it's so fuckin catchy!! the mania it builds up to, it just feels so crazy and ridiculous but i love it <3 hysterical and unhinged women are my entire lifeline thank u lana
  4. Wildflower Wildfire - still a fuckin CLASSIC for me!!!
  5. Nectar of the Gods - right now i fuckin LOVE this track (i didnt overplay it when it leaked, im lucky!) but admittedly i can see myself getting kinda "over it" in time, but for now..... love u NOTG
  6. Thunder - fucking amazing, feels like the end of the party when everyone is falling over and splashing beer all over the place, makes me wanna go outside and smoke a cigarette with someone while having a deep conversation
  7. Sweet Carolina - another song i didn't expect to love as much as i do but wow i really do!
  8. Violets For Roses - breezy and beautiful, the chorus needs a little more oomph for me but im still a big fan
  9. Text Book - a bop! love the verses still, just like i did before!
  10. Arcadia - i don't love it as much as i expected, but it's cute!
  11. If You Lie Down With Me - the ending is amazing, i just wish some of those more interesting sounds came in earlier!
  12. The Trio - A BOP IDC
  13. Cherry Blossom - cute!
  14. Blue Banisters - still not feeling it too much
  15. Living Legend - i never listen to this one but that may change over time!



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At first I thought the BBS lyric was "your inches really made stacks out of it for me" and I was like...who's inches? :oopna: But I'll have to remember to come back in here and write a mini essay on that line and BBS in general because I have a lot of thoughts 


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