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Blue Banisters - Post-Release Discussion Thread + Poll

Blue Banisters  

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  1. 1. What are your favourite tracks from Blue Banisters?

    • Text Book
    • Blue Banisters
    • Arcadia
    • Interlude - The Trio
    • Black Bathing Suit
    • If You Lie Down With Me
    • Beautiful
    • Violets for Roses
    • Dealer
    • Thunder
    • Wildflower Wildfire
    • Nectar of the Gods
    • Living Legend
    • Cherry Blossom
    • Sweet Carolina

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9 minutes ago, palemoonbaby said:



the way i only listened to th LL leak once and that was back when it first did leak… was like a new experience for me.. same with cherry blossom.


bussy? shaking as we speak! BB72-E3-D6-D161-4493-8-E98-5-B7-E2-F9343

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ordered the CD from Target's app and itll be here in 2~ days :bop:


On 10/6/2021 at 9:34 AM, May said:

barrie really said ‘if you wanna release songs with my writing credits on then revive my career hag!’ :defeated:We love a king who knows his worth


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cause my body is my temple my heart is one too :grinds: the only thing that still fits me is this black baAaAthing suit :grinds: you don't know me any better than they do ba-beh :grinds: time is run over so the only time you'll ever see me is in your dreams in my black bAaÄthing suit :grinds: lookin' at me lookin' over at you real cute 'cause YOUSAIDIWASBADLETMESHOWYOUHOWBADGIRLSDO





strong like a tree but the unlucky one 

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Okay first rating after a couple of listens:


1. BBS 

2. Text book 

3. Dealer

4. Thunder

5. Living Legend

6. WW

7. Violets for Roses

8. Arcadia

9. Nectar of the Gods

10. BB

11. if you lie down with me

12. beautiful 

13. Sweet Carolina

14. Cherry Blossom

15. interlude 

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After a week of listening, the only songs that I keep going back to:

1. Violets for Roses

2. Black Bathing Suit

3. Thunder

4. If You Lie Down With Me


 Beautiful tracks! Definitely being added to my LDR Faves playlist :dance:

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theory I think "Violet for Roses" is about her ex Chase, (pure opinion)


the "paramount sign sparkling" allusion hits right at him.... to the day she went to paramount pictures in *Larchmont village, with him,

how he wanted / wants to be an actor, (presumably fame, he was on set of Dont call me angel)

how he probably was all into the fame and notoriety, the Rolls Royce's and money & fame lana has and how she's fine with just a simple chevy truck... 

 he prolly critiqued her nails, her cheap jewelry that she gets for fun, 

and how she's in love with the city again, kinda reminds me of how much love she got in LA during NFR and that was when she "fell out of love with" him ? 

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12 minutes ago, littleseashell said:

Other men I met felt right

Would smile at you and stick a knife

In your back

Finally, I met you so I'm not wonderin' why


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This part gets me every time omfg 




?? I think I read these lyrics differently. LOL I hear them so negatively about the guy she's singing to.

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It's a shame she wated down Thunder.
The build up was not worth stripping all the momentum off that first verse and(even worse) chorus. Especially since the percussion that kicks in for verse 2 is such an anticlimatic beat. Plus I don't get why they decided to underuse the wonderful backing singers so hard and messed up the mixing during the climax. But yeah, it still IS my favourite song from that album, even though I'm not sure if it would be if I had not heard the demo first.

If You Lie Down To Me is my favourite song out of the bunch of "previously unheard tracks".
I really like the way it flows, especially during the pre-chorus - those "don't say you're over me, when they aaaaaaal knoooooow that yooooooooooooooou're NOT" parts are heavenly. It's also the song that resonates the most with Living Legend/ Nectar Of The Gods/ CHerry Blossom sonically. A big fan of that 20esque outro, I wish she'd done more with this kind of instrumentation

Violets For Roses is suprisingly catchy, somehow reminds me of her Paradise era. Definitly not the strongest song she's ever put out, but it's still a very solid and strong tune.

I think Beautiful is kinda mediocre but it's also not.
It has a nice sound, but nothing about is very exciting. Yet, however unlike other songs from that category - looking atyou Not All Who Wander - it's something that I still kinda come back to and don't feel like skipping. I think that a stronger production - maybe some subtle beats for the second half, a few LMLYLAW-esque guitar chords - could have improved that tune. As a piano ballad, it's not really reaching its full potential.

Not sure what to think about Black Bathing Suit.
It's intriguing and I like it until the moment that weird post-chorus kicks in. I get the concept behind that chaos, but that does not change anything about the fact it's a tad too messy for my taste. I know, she loves to go raw these days, but on this song it actually does not sound experimental but more like it was more comfortable for her to just succumb to low-fi messyness instead of thinking of a proper way to wrap that tune up.

Text Book and Wildflower Wildfire still stand as album highlights and I think that Living Legend, Nectar Of The Gods and Cherry Blossoms deserve their place on this record aswell. They fit in and - at least in my opinion - provide some of the albums most interesting moments.

Both The Trio and Dealer are great, but they have one big problem.
They provide "show stopping moments" on this album - yet the rest of the songs is not repsonding. We get a trap beat interlude after 3 ballads only to get just another ballad afterwards. We get a King-Krule-ish weirdo track after some cinematic piano pieces, only the get a few more cinematic piano pieces afterwards.



My ranking:


01. Thunder
02. Text Book
03. Wildflower Wildfire
04. Nectar Of The Gods
05. Living Legend
06. If You Lie Down With Me
07. Dealer
08. Cherry Blossom
09. Violets For Roses
10. Blue Banisters
11. Arcadia
12. Black Bathing Suit
13. Beautiful
14. Sweet Caroline

~You roll like thunder~

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Well, it’s been 3 hours since Blue Banisters came out and I’ve listened to it twice, and all I have to say is…..wow. She really continues to outdo herself. :gclap:

This record is full of lyrical and sonic layers that I know I have yet to unravel — the songwriting is just phenomenal, you listen to it and almost run a visual play in your head of Lana’s life story. The lyrical density of this record has been a long time coming, and I’m so glad she went all the way for it. I see exactly what her vision was for this record and it’s really satisfying to see it fully-realized with older and newer songs that, together, work beautifully to paint a thoughtful self-portrait. 

I’m completely floored and overwhelmed in the best way possible and will have more coherent, analytical thoughts after a few more listens. But all I know right now is that I’m so in love with this record and it’s absolutely one of her best :wub:

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