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Blue Banisters - Post-Release Discussion Thread + Poll

Blue Banisters  

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  1. 1. What are your favourite tracks from Blue Banisters?

    • Text Book
    • Blue Banisters
    • Arcadia
    • Interlude - The Trio
    • Black Bathing Suit
    • If You Lie Down With Me
    • Beautiful
    • Violets for Roses
    • Dealer
    • Thunder
    • Wildflower Wildfire
    • Nectar of the Gods
    • Living Legend
    • Cherry Blossom
    • Sweet Carolina

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Okay so for now

  1. If You Lie Down With Me 
  2. Nectar Of The Gods
  3. Sweet Carolina 
  4. Living Legend
  5. Black Bathing Suit 
  6. Thunder 
  7. Cherry Blossom
  8. Dealer
  9. Beautiful 
  10. Arcadia 
  11. Wildflower Wildfire
  12. Blue Banisters
  13. Violets For Roses 
  14. Text Book
  15. Interlude 

Sweet Carolina & nectar of the gods might go above if you lie down with me in the next day or so though. SC might be number 1


I have a feeling all of these will change for me over time because I genuinely just love this album as a whole. Reminds of the feelings I get from UV & honeymoon. I’m just blown away. I love this woman so much! 

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I think the title track, Cherry Blossom and If You Lie Down With Me are my top 3, but I adore Thunder as well… and Living Legend… urgh I really cannot decide yet

I'll do it for the right reasons

Withstanding all the time, changes and seasons


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I find it interesting how when Dealer originally leaked, quite a few people hated it, and now that it's released officially, it's slowly becoming a fan favorite from what I've been seeing throughout the internet 

drop me off at the copacabana 

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23 minutes ago, FredRed said:

Not sure if this was posted but a bunch of songs, maybe all, are official on YouTube now.  Mystified why they would do this on drop day.

I guess she did this also, so that reviewers can reference some unreleased songs.

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BBS is giving me Cherry mixed with West Coast vibes. That transitions during first listening gave me reminder of WC.  

IYLFWM sounds lowkey like California in UV version. Im only one who noticed that similiarities?:defeated:

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I asked polish fans about their favorite song off the record and almost 300 people voted for Dealer in an hour, making it instantly a number #1 in the poll…


this is why Lana loves polish fans so much:makeup:

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On first listen, definitely my least favorite Lana album. The lyrics are her most mature though, I enjoyed how personal they were. This feels like a more mature, experienced, dramatic piano version of Sirens. I love Sirens though, can’t say the same about this… :biblio:

When I first started Dealer, I was like “y’all really hyped up Dealer so much just for THIS?” And then her vocals came in, and I understood. Still don’t like it overall though. 

Black Bathing Suit and Nectar of the Gods are really the only songs I want to replay. The distorted guitar (or voice?) in Living Legend was cool. I love when artists are experimental like that. 

mYJNzQ5.gif mpcKR46.gif sjWYxwQ.gif

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7 hours ago, opheliaandthemotel said:

a fake release date for american standards and classics is imminent now that BB is out. bookmark me

In my dream 40 minutes ago I was looking at lanaboards and there was this post release thread and a brand new pre release thread that wasnt the Covers Album so….who can say ehat Miss Del Rey will do?

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The cherry blossom version on the official release isn’t the same one that was chosen for the leak files? 

And wow people are loving the album from what I’m seeing on Twitter 


Lets hope for an album full of dealers next haha but wow this whole album perfect 


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