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Blue Banisters - Post-Release Discussion Thread + Poll

Blue Banisters  

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  1. 1. What are your favourite tracks from Blue Banisters?

    • Text Book
    • Blue Banisters
    • Arcadia
    • Interlude - The Trio
    • Black Bathing Suit
    • If You Lie Down With Me
    • Beautiful
    • Violets for Roses
    • Dealer
    • Thunder
    • Wildflower Wildfire
    • Nectar of the Gods
    • Living Legend
    • Cherry Blossom
    • Sweet Carolina

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1 minute ago, The Love Witch said:


If she keeps going into that direction with every song being forgettable I will just stop caring for her in general honestly. I will not and have never been the type of fan that will force himself to like anything because it’s an album/song by my fave artist. I think that is a very shitty approach. After all, we are the ones that pay for her music. If she doesn’t feel like putting effort into her music, I will not feel like putting money in her pocket. It’s as simple as that.

Don't get me wrong. I'm talking about Lana's desire to pursue her vision, not saying people should force to like whatever she does, because that's being biased. 

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After sitting with it for a bit, VFR and Beautiful are both top tier (especially the orchestral version of the latter).


Thunder slaps but doesn't vibe with the album as a whole. It should have been cut and leaked later. :true:

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21 minutes ago, IanadeIrey said:

As I continue to listen to the record, I'm really seeing all the pieces of her story fit together perfectly.


While some songs are older (the historical significance of which simulate a more 'anthological' feeling), I actually think the story she tells on this record begins in 2020 and ends in 2021, even though she digs into the roots of her existence a bit. The universality of the older songs she chose actually applies to her current life (what we are privy to, at least) perfectly.


I'm thinking of writing a longer post that dissects this a bit further – I think I'll post it here, and hopefully everyone sees the narrative a bit more clearly too! I had an inkling about this, as I'm sure many of us already did, but the things she said about her personal life in the livestream yesterday somewhat confirmed it. I'm really excited thinking about the record now and this makes me love it even more (as if that was possible!) :party:

I agree with you!!

My interpretation of the album is that it starts with her breakup with Sean (TB, BB) which leads her to do a deep introspection. She starts with an introspection on her image, how others see her (Arcadia, BBS, Beautiful). On IYLDWM, she’s not over the breakup yet, but then the introspection continues as she realises that Sean wanted to change her for someone she is not (Beautiful, VFR). That leads her to the angry stage of her breakup on Dealer. She then regains her calm but still holds a grudge against Sean for not being a good enough man for her, for not caring as much as she wanted him to. She’d rather cut him off (Thunder). On WFWF, she meets a new man and warns him of her past, and the issues she’s had. The introspection continues as she tells her new man (possibly Clayton at the time?) that she’ll do her best to not turn into a wildfire despite her past. She then goes deeper into her past by remembering an old lover on NOTG and realises how hard life still is for her, but she starts thinking about an old friend of hers on LL and how life could be with a kid on CB, and realises that no matter how hard things are, she’ll always be full of love for the people she holds very close to her heart. She knows she’s not alone and has so much love to give. She’s now over the breakup, and makes an attempt at leaving behind the pain of her past to focus on the present. Her sister is having a baby, and Lana knows that that’s what matters the most. The album closes with SC, a love letter for Chuck to remind her she’s always here for her.

I'll do it for the right reasons

Withstanding all the time, changes and seasons


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The way AJayII loved Text Book, BBS and Dealer :eartha: and y'all were worried 



Kinda disappointed she didn't love Thunder right away tho :pout:


My rose garden dreams set on fire by fiends... :illumilana2: 

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