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RIAA Mass-Certification Update; every Born To Die track at least Gold

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Lana's RIAA (US) certifications as of 24 Nov. 2021:





Born To Die: 3x Platinum

Ultraviolence: Platinum

Honeymoon: Gold

Lust For Life: Gold

Norman Fucking Rockwell: Gold



Born To Die: Platinum

Off To The Races: Gold

Blue Jeans: Platinum

Video Games: 2x Platinum

Diet Mountain Dew: Gold

National Anthem: Platinum

Dark Paradise: Platinum

Radio: Platinum

Carmen: Gold

Million Dollar Man: Gold

Summertime Sadness: 6x Platinum

This Is What Makes Us Girls: Gold

*) Literally every standard edition Born To Die track is certified due to the album's massive success lol. 


Ride: Platinum

Cola: Gold

Gods & Monsters: Gold


Young & Beautiful: 5x Platinum


Once Upon A Dream: Platinum


West Coast: Platinum

Shades Of Cool: Gold

Ultraviolence: Gold

Brooklyn Baby: Gold


Honeymoon: Gold

High By The Beach: Gold


Love: Platinum

Lust For Life: Platinum

Summer Bummer: Gold


Doin' Time: Platinum





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Lana entered the music industry right when it was transforming from CD to digital, it's unlikely artists like her will ever get certified like this again. 


She should also add the certifications of everyone she has inspired! 

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On 11/24/2021 at 1:49 PM, SlowGinFizzzz said:

I just love how seemingly out of nowhere, Radio snatched a Platinum certification. See, when you do talentry... :smokes:

I heard the streets were paved with platinum, that's what my father said

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