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the ocean

The Ocean's Cover Art + Graphics + Photography (eventually)

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i think it's time for another edit dump :makeup:




Banks – Three

I love this one so much it's definitely one of my favorites I've ever done especially how I used the Dogma font ugh



Maki Nomiya – Up Close • A To Z • Tokyo Chic

These are a trilogy of greatest hits albums I made if she was solo her entire career instead of joining Pizzicato Five in 1991.



Tierra Whack - Rap? Pop? R&B? [second album]

Bit of a flop attempt at making a cover for her EP trilogy + the droplets she's released in 2020 & 2021. Used some person's TV render and added the picture in and I kinda hate it but I don't know what to do about it



Tori Amos - Take To The Sky

Quick lil single cover I made for this bop of a b-side



Mariah Carey - Rarities / Unreleased

Upscaled an old picture of her as a kid and tweaked the colors just a tad. nothing really new otherwise. I still really like it though :wub:


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does anyone here like abba?




edit of Waterloo album cover with correct colors but original text. the text is cropped a lil too close to the edge of the photo because of the way i edited it but it's otherwise really good imo


edit of the self-titled album because i hate the color yellow and because i thought the people staring through the car windows was a bit creepy


Cover I made for an ABBA remix album. I specifically use it for the Matt Pop Mixes, but it could work for any ABBA remixes.


Cover I made for ABBA b-sides / rarities / the 2 leaked songs they have. I titled it Past Masters after the Beatles compilation with the same theme


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made some marina cover art :makeup:


new ancient dreams in a modern land in honor of the deluxe




i split love and fear and it's outtakes into 2 different albums: handmade heaven (2016-2017 tracks) and a so far untitled pop album (2018 tracks)

this is the cover for the untitled pop album (i used the leaked original handmade heaven cover for the first album)




and here's my lipster nomination image just to keep all my stuff in one place




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more covers!


a concept i made for björk's tenth album - i called it "nacreotheque" cause the picture has a very aquatic theme and she said it would basically sound like "chill [until the last minute where it] turns into a club" and i just thought the title would fit




i also made a cover for the vessel video / live album




made an album cover for a 20th anniversary japanese greatest hits album of boa's music




and i'm gonna put the concept back cover i made for crash by charli xcx here as well (i posted it in the charli xcx thread but i wanna keep all my stuff here in one place)




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i think it's time for a new dump


made lots of smileys to be potentially added - all of them are in the smileys request thread but these are my personal favorites



i also made this content aware trisha paytas gif but i kinda wanna remake it :bebe:



redone beg for you single cover by charli xcx and rina sawayama



redone new shapes cover by charli xcx, christine and the queens and caroline polachek (also kinda hate this one :bebe:)



lipster awards timezone graphic



lipster awards red carpet photo



lipster awards congrats graphic feat maki nomiya



ldr9 concept




little cover i made for the new sza songs / possibly intended for her second album?



and i think that's everything i've posted / made since my last post :hairflip:


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made two more gifs for funsies before i start my second semester


trisha content aware take 2 - the better one



haseul from loona dancing to hula hoop


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