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Marjorie Taylor Greene gets banned from Twitter

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@Leader of The Pack social media should not be a platform for any political figures imo. If you want to put something out, put out a press release. I have no problem with twitter banning any sitting politician from either the left or the right. 


HOWEVER, it is absolutely absurd to me that a former president and a sitting congresswoman have been banned but the leaders of Iran, China, etc. have not. I’m not saying there is any “conspiracy” here, other than the fact that twitter is picking and choosing who to ban without flaming international tensions. Ban them all for all I care. Bernie and AOC too. All they do is tweet and people share the tweet and everyone applauds. They haven’t gotten anything significant done other than bitch and whine. 

catch a wave and take in the sweetness

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1 minute ago, palemoonbaby said:

The first moment I saw two first words I thought you writting bout Taylor Swift's grandmother and I was like "WTF, isn't she supposed to be dead?" 


notthis.gif :ma:

unOfficial Smileys page: link

Album Art / Photography thread: link

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