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"Prettiest Girl in Country Music"

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6 minutes ago, TrashMagiq said:

not hearing what y'all are hearing i hate this lol 


are you saying that you don't like yeehaw honky tonk toot spitting boondocks cowgirl texas beer hot guys football team trucks i killed my husband real american country music?


then i agree :silly:

unOfficial Smileys page: link

Album Art / Photography thread: link

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also, originally I was gonna say that I hope she releases it, cowboy hat, find a rocking chair to rock out of it wheat straw mouth grip while looking out into the hilled sunset to just shake my head in agreement mariah-carey-im-a-cowboy.giftumblr_pf5znazoyo1qmeiveo6_500.gifv

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1 hour ago, clementines said:

this is def gonna be on Nikki’s project and not Lana’s 

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1 hour ago, Pretty On The Indide said:

nah her tracklist is out already I believe



odd that she named her album the same thing as Carrie Underwood's new album :deadbanana:

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On 1/24/2022 at 12:36 AM, West Coast said:

Really enjoyed this, I like how they're just living the bar life

yea! i remember long ago seeing a comment on an old lizzie grant performance. Someone was saying how sad they were that they'd never get to see her like that. But look!  it makes me happy that it's just like old times now :true:


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