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Zheani is an australian rapper, model and actress. Since a very young age she had a interest in working in movies. Later on her life she discovered music and now works as a rapper. She had released one full-lenght mixtape, (Eight, 2018) and three EPs (The Line, 2019, Satanic Prostitute, 2019, Zheani Sparkes, 2020), aswell as some stand-alone singles and an upcoming ep titled I HATE PEOPLE ON THE INTERNET, which has 7 tracks and is set to come out on 21st of March. She is slso known for collaborating with alternative artists such as Jazmin Bean, and Lil Mariko. She has also spoke out against Die Antwood, a South African hip hop duo (Ninja and Yolandi) who abused her, and sex trafficed her to Africa. She provided physical receipts of private dmes and messages and posts. Many people called her a clout chaser and a "satanic prostitute", which she named for her 4 track ep in may 2019, after she spoke out and exposed the sick actions performned on her by the duo. She also published a song (The Question) about Ninja, and the song describes the events, and the music video features screen recordings, screenshots, and clips of zheani scrolling through the phone. 

Zheanis style is more fairycore and gothic elements. 


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Whore of babylon is a bop

                                                    Pokemon Eevee GIF - Pokemon Eevee Flower - Discover & Share GIFs                                   evee-dancing.gif

Bring Me That Horizon ‚ÄĒ ianime0: Pokemon XY | Eevee Dancing

Dance me all around the moon

Light me up like the Fourth of July

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