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Now sure if the police or phone company can do anything to trace the call.  Especially if it’s malicious and intimidating - saying it’s a prank doesn’t make it ok. I would change your number just in case, a hassle. But will stop them trying anything again.  Sorry this happened 😔 



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This is unfortunate and the person who did this can go to hell.

Elle you need to come up with your own guidelines so you don't get pranked or hacked again.  You know the way most of us should not click a link in an email or text that says our Amazon account has been closed or compromised. 

I guess pretty much,


Thanks for doing such a great job on this site. 

We love and appreciate you.  ❤

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So, so sorry that you had to deal with this <3 Things like this, especially at that time of night/morning are not funny, and I'm glad that you're safe and okay. So weird and creepy


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27 minutes ago, bluechemtrails said:

Another thought: what if it had been real and they said afterwards that it was a prank to appease? The social media analyst was maybe from London and not knowing the timezone of the site operator. Elle needs to find out if someone really called her ex-girlfriend.


that would've been just extremely unprofessional. the whole thing from start to finish

also ben already knows who is the owner of the website, when you analyze the whole situation it makes no sense at all


edit: also, lana herself browsing this website taking notes of members names who managed the website is just ridiculous

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7 hours ago, Elle said:

Alright. We were down for about an hour and I’m going to explain why.


As I was just beginning to fall asleep two hours ago at 2am, I received a phone call from an unknown number and groggily answered it. It was someone who identified themselves as Bridgette, asking for the owner of LanaBoards.

Confused and taken aback and also half asleep, I just nervously laugh and ask what this person needs. They hang up.

They then text me saying that they are a social media analyst for TAP Management, Lana’s management, essentially informing me that Ben was in talks of having the site shut down for recent leaks, discussion, etc. Saying that this was Lana’s personal request.

For over an hour and a half, this person proceeded to fill me with stress and anxiety through text message regarding this “issue” with the site and not answering my calls saying that Ben would be reaching out to me personally tomorrow to speak further.

Though I was initially skeptical that this was a prank after they called asking for the LanaBoards owner due to the suspicious number (I even texted my personal best friend who knows I run this site and is infamous for her prank calls that don’t typically target me who confirmed she wasn’t behind this), the gravity and severity of the situation that they informed me of once they texted me after they hung up lead me to treat this as a better safe than sorry situation. When I asked how they received my number as Lana’s management doesn’t have my current number as it’s changed since I last spoke with one of her managers years back, they said that Lana herself provided a list of fans they thought may have managed the site, and they listed my ex-girlfriend of 3 years ago who is a fellow prominent Lana fan in the community as someone they reached out to that eventually put them in contact with me. (Note, I have no idea if she’s actually involved with this and highly doubt that she is as it would be very out of character given how we left things at the end several years ago, but that only added to my concern as well as my suspicion.)

Everything that they asked of me I immediately cooperated with, including temporarily pulling the site.

Then, after an hour and a half of this anxiety inducing madness, they tell me this is a prank. They then identify as someone named Dez.

This was not funny.

It was very immature and inappropriate for someone to call me posing as a member of Lana’s management asking about LanaBoards at 2am on a Monday morning ahead of a very busy workweek for me as I’m spending the next 5 days working 14 hour days on set.


I am posting this here to just say, if this is someone from the site, do not ever do this again. I would also appreciate if you could please reveal yourself and how you got my number, as I’m really concerned about how LanaBoards members/Lana fans are receiving my personal cell phone number that they feel free to call to harass me for a prank at 2am.

If you are someone who has my phone number, which I know is a couple of you here, please do not give it out without my permission.
I keep a relatively small personal circle, and whoever is behind this has relative knowledge of my life regarding the fact I own this site and the name of my ex-girlfriend that I haven’t spoken to in years. This just grows my concern of my number and personal details being passed around.


If there ever is a serious issue regarding the site, LanaBoards has a contact email and social media pages that work just as well.

& if you’re going to prank me like this, choose a better time.


Thanks x



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If you are or know the person who is behind these messages and the phone call, please let me know immediately.36-F1-F1-F4-13-F8-4-D2-C-8-C75-F108-E6389-A91

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Aren’t prank calls supposed to be funny?

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