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Did you know that there’s a tunnel under Ocean Blvd - Album (Neil Krug) - July 23rd, 2022

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1 hour ago, Luna de miel said:

uhmmmm why did they edit her face :air2:

IMG-7662.png IMG-7661.png


I was just wondering the same thing. She looks like an 80s Japanese pop star here.

@WHORE OF TROPICO   ⇨   @SALVAWHORE             

                                      Pokemon Eevee GIF - Pokemon Eevee Flower - Discover & Share GIFs                                   evee-dancing.gif

Bring Me That Horizon — ianime0: Pokemon XY | Eevee Dancing


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For the kids who want high-res Amazon and indie alternate artworks—also included RIOPY in the credits to match with the current digital standard cover (still waiting on clean/untagged photos used for the standard and alternate retail covers)


Amazon exclusive (5000x5000)



Indie exclusive (5000x5000)


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Just now, lanaismamom said:

do u think the church neil posted recently is sonehow connected to lana? 

we are thinking it might be for a magazine shoot, he tagged exit magazine who apparently follows honeymoon and ocean blvd accounts, and he tagged the person that did the drawings for ocean as well


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