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Least Favorite Lana Song Titles

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Love and love song are the worst.  They should have been called Young and In Love and In Your Car.  What goes on in Lana’s mind sometimes will forever be a mystery. Like making the music to watch boys video black and white…seriously girl. 

Arches are Illusions solid at first glance

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Dum Dum - there's other titles this song could've had

Old Money - i don't know why i don't like it. i adore the song but not its title

any song with "For K" in the title (Pretty Baby, Drive By and For K Pt. 2) - their alternate titles are better.

Fuck it I love you - i hate it because i had to explain it to my then 5 year old sister because i was listening to NFR in the car and she asked what that meant :deadbanana: 

The Next Best American Record - Architecture was robbed

Prom Song (Gone Wrong) - i like the main title, but not the alternate 'gone wrong', sounds like a meme

Are You Ready (Oooh Baby) - don't like the alternate 'oooh baby' either

Cinnamon Girl - in my mind, the title is solely Cinnamon, as originally intended

Stoplight De-Lite - sounds corny af

LA Who Am I - why an incomplete phrase, why

Go Go Dancer - Queen of the Night sounds better

Smarty - don't know why, I've never liked that title

Hope is a dangerous thing for a woman like me to have - but I have it - Sylvia Plath was robbed

Coachella - Woodstock in My Mind - Coachella would've sufficed, although I prefer Stairway to Heaven

Beautiful People, Beautiful Problems - Beautiful People would've sufficed

Not All Who Wander Are Lost - Wanderlust is more compact + simpler to remember

Did you know that there's a tunnel under Ocean Blvd - Tunnel Under Ocean Boulevard only pls

Breaking Up Slowly - while i love the song, the 'slowly' makes the title sound odd

Ridin' (My Bitch) - just... no.

Betty Boop Boop - even the title of this track is just bad.

Boom like That - same as above

Unidentified Flying Bill - what the actual fuck :toofunny: Slow Burn was a better title now it makes sense so delete from the list :party: 

Fucked My Way Up to the Top - er... This Is My Show is more impactful imo

So Good (Summer Bummer demo) - lolol sounds bleh

Norman Fucking Rockwell - just because

Strangelove - split it better


whoa I didn't know I disliked so many :hdu: 

"I'm wild, I'm free, no man can handle me"


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besides some of the names already cited


dum dum - just really horrendous 

I must be stupid for feeling so happy - exhales the same energy of "live. laugh. love."

on & on & on - is this really confirmed? like the song is okay but this title is just ugly and boring af I hope it's not real

vAGjeRT.jpg  12XP3Fn.jpg  CMlHLdt.jpg 

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How didn't anyone mention


"Coachella - Woodstock In My Mind"


"You can't be a muse and be happy, too.

You can't blacken the pages with Russian poetry and be happy." - Blue Banisters


I asked Asmodeus (the demon of lust) to make Miley Cyrus suffer. I am not happy with these new developments. After Miley rips off Lana's aesthetic, she bullies Lana into changing her release date. It is infuriating. 


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44 minutes ago, Glitter Boy said:

Unidentified Flying Bill


Just now, Fingertips said:

How didn't anyone mention

"Coachella - Woodstock In My Mind"

considering how bad the song is i don't think it's that bad :oprah3:

 5oDY3ok.gif ZLI8w1N.png 5oDY3ok.gif

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love song - thinking about its potential if it was something like 'your new car' or 'in the back seat of your new car' (a nod to paul mccartney's song, emphasis on new bc the song is abt a new love)

text book - old man river makes sm sense

in my feelings - idk it well enough to think up an alt

wild at heart ummm

not all who wander are lost


i don't actually feel that strongly abt her corny/boring titles besides the cocc ones which truly fly in the face of everything i stand for, but some titles u guys mention are actually so good?? like my babies smarty, go go dancer, cinnamon girl, brite lites!!!!, dum dum <3


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