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São Paulo, Brazil @ MITA Festival - June 3rd, 2023

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Just now, bluebanesters said:


Shut up hoe


"You can't be a muse and be happy, too.

You can't blacken the pages with Russian poetry and be happy." - Blue Banisters


I asked Asmodeus (the demon of lust) to make Miley Cyrus suffer. I am not happy with these new developments. After Miley rips off Lana's aesthetic, she bullies Lana into changing her release date. It is infuriating. 


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So, are there any solid rumors of Lana doing a whole tour? Or will it just be this one (or maybe some other) festival?

I live in The Netherlands and would really like to see her live. I had tickets for the Amsterdam Show on the eve of the Covid pandemics, but that was cancelled as we all know. 

I really like her albums (especially the recent ones) but they are meant to be to heard live. So who has some news?

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