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Rob Grant (Fifth single "Lost at Sea" (feat. Lana Del Rey) out June 2nd)

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honestly the album trailer snaps, i love it :true: it reminds me so much of nfr, i can't wait for the album! since i often listen to instrumentals/classical stuff, especially when i'm studying, i'm sure the record will be great :hooker:


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1 hour ago, Zetterberg said:

If anyone want these;


3. Lost at Sea

  • Label: Decca (UMO) (Classics)
  • Composer: Lana Del Rey
  • Length: 03:07


  • Rob Grant, Piano, MainArtist, AssociatedPerformer, ComposerLyricist
  • Rodrigo Puskas, Concertmaster, Associated Performer
  • Budapest Art Orchestra, Orchestra
  • Miklós Lukács, Orchestra Contractor,
    Production Coordinator,
    Associated Performer, StudioPersonnel
  • Daniel Farrugia, Cymbals, AssociatedPerformer
  • Lana Del Rey, Vocalist, FeaturedArtist, AssociatedPerformer, ComposerLyricist
  • Ryan Monro, Electric Bass, Associated Performer
  • Péter Pejtsik, Conductor
  • Laura Sisk, Recording Engineer, StudioPersonnel
  • Lachlan Carrick, Mastering Engineer, StudioPersonnel
  • Gabor Buzko, Recording Engineer, StudioPersonnel
  • Hadyn Buxton, Mix Engineer, StudioPersonnel
  • Luke Howard, Producer, String Arranger, Horn Arranger, Mix Engineer, Associated Performer, StudioPersonnel
  • Dávid Lukács, StudioPersonnel, Recording Second Engineer

14. Hollywood Bowl

  • Label: Decca (UMO) (Classics)
  • Composer: Lana Del Rey
  • Length: 04:13


  • Rob Grant, Piano, MainArtist, Associated Performer, ComposerLyricist
  • Lana Del Rey, Producer, Vocals, FeaturedArtist, AssociatedPerformer, ComposerLyricist
  • Gabe Witcher, String Arranger, Viola, Violin, Recording Engineer,
    Associated Performer, StudioPersonnel
  • Jack Manning, Asst. Recording Engineer, StudioPersonnel
  • Laura Sisk, Producer, Mixer, Recording Engineer, StudioPersonnel
  • Jon Sher, Asst. Recording Engineer, StudioPersonnel
  • Jack Antonoff, Producer, Mixer, Percussion, Mellotron,
    Associated Performer, StudioPersonnel
  • Zach Dawes, Producer, Recording Engineer, StudioPersonnel
  • Ruairi O'Flaherty, Mastering Engineer, StudioPersonnel
  • Megan Searl, Asst. Recording Engineer, StudioPersonnel

All the people involved in the production :deadbanana:... I think we still underestimate Rob too much, he seems to be starting a really serious career as an artist.

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As much as I love my girl Lana I don’t really ever get 7” records. I never play them. Too much effort and set up for one song lol. I think I’m gonna preorder the full album vinyl and call it a day. Debating on the signed cd still :bebe:

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I think I'll get one of the 7" with Lana, but I don't know which one to pick. I'm kinda leaning towards the one with Hollywood Bowl on it because it's longer and has strings, but I feel like Lost at Sea may be a MAC reference. I'm torn :defeated:

When you know, you know
That it's time to leave
Like the summer breeze

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32 minutes ago, TropicoKitten said:


Anyone have a Time Machine?


24 minutes ago, emliqua said:

I was literally about to post about this mine says the same thing :giggle:



how come mine ships a day later life is so unfair :um2:


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1 hour ago, wildflowerwildfire said:

i’m not really into the whole nepotism thing 


you've heard of nepo babies but how about some nepo DADDIES :diva:


i ordered both lana singles i hope they're good and that she doesn't just whisper 3 words on each song


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