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I love everyone's analysis on this one... Just wanted to add from someone that grew up during the height and listened to a lot gansta rap, the first time I heard A&W the first thing that came to mind for me on the second half was ODB from Wu-Tang Clan single Shimmy Shimmy Ya. I am probably way off base, but I just thought with Lana's gansta style and being from Brooklyn herself, that it could be a nod to ODB and Wu-Tang. I know nothing, so I digress...




with the absolute heart of the poem of life butchered out of their own bodies good to eat a thousand years





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Is she singing


"Here's my body (?), if you're a know-it-all (?)

and he calls me locked on the bathroom floor"


at 3:35?


Also I'm pretty sure she sings "love me if you love enough"




The legacy

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On 7/20/2023 at 6:10 AM, Embach said:

Did you know that in this song, Lana played glockenspiel :et:


she can play my glockenspiel



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