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The Idol

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A pop star tries to restore her reputation and popularity with the help of a nightclub manager in the highly-anticipated show co-created by Sam Levinson ('Euphoria') and The Weeknd

The show (that hasn't even started yet) has already managed to generate its fair share of controversy: "Sources alleged that after director Amy Seimetz was replaced with Sam Levinson, the drama’s perspective changed. Instead of subtly skewering the misogynistic and predatory nature of the business, The Idol became a forbidden love story — the stuff of a toxic man’s fantasy"


Thoughts? Are you guys excited? Not watching it? Let the people know  :party:

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i don’t ever talk here but this show kinda scares me because i feel like it is going to open up so many doors for more misogyny and sexualization. 


I just don’t ever see a need for there to be scenes where girls are discussing a guy and saying they like the fact that he is “rapey.” or asking an actress to constantly be naked and push an egg out of her vagina. im not against nudity in film/tv at all but it isn’t being used for the right reasons. 

while sam levinson may say this show’s main goal is to show how harmful sexualization is, i think he just uses it to build his own pornographic fantasy and contribute to what he said he is fighting. 


there are better ways to get messages across! 

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