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nfrs daughter

May Jailer era

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ive been wondering what sirens // the may jailer era truly was ? ive seen a lot about lizzie, but not much about may. i haven’t been able to listen to the full album unfortunately since i cant find where to listen (if anyone knows where to i can find it lmk), but i have listened to a few tracks like “For K, Pt 1”, “Bad  Disease”, and “A star for nick”. If anyone’s got any information on May please respond !! would love to learn more about her !!

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i feel like most fans would agree that the may jailer era took place in 2005 and 2006, there are three projects from that era, young like me, an EP which was registered in april, 2005, from the end, an EP which was registered in december, 2005, and sirens, an album which i believe was probably compiled in early 2006, there's not a whole lot which is known about the may jailer era, but we do know that this is an actual stage-name that lana used at the time, there's a photo of the actual CD with a hand-written note by lana which she signed as "may jailer"

there has been quite a bit of discussion about this era in the past few years as there has been more users (including me lol) who are big fans and are fascinated by her earlier music


you can listen to all three of those aforementioned projects using this masterpost created by @That Venice Bitch




i would recommend exploring the website for learning more about that particular period of time, i would recommend the early shows section, since it'll give insight into the transition from may jailer to lizzy grant, you could also look back at old threads that may pertain to the may jailer era


also, if you have any specific questions, feel free to ask! i kinda know my stuff about the pre-fame days of lana's career so i will either know the answer or will share my speculations based on what i already know :) 

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42 minutes ago, That Venice Bitch said:

@Surf Noir and @lizzyology are our resident May Jailer/Lizzy Grant experts!

I actually think HeadBitch, Surf Noir, and Be Free are more knowledgeable on this part of her life, rather than me lol.


But for me personally, I don’t think of those years as an era (2005-2006). Artistically, she went by May Jailer, but for people in her personal life, literally no one called her that & she went by Lizzy Grant still. I want to say that she was in her 1st/ 2nd year of college at Fordham then and was just diving into the NY music scene, attending and singing at events held by her Prof. Mark Naison + places around her campus. I also think she started dating Mikey Martin from Shiny Toy Guns in early/ mid 2006 & made friends with Kim Garrison (another NY musician) through him. 

AKA & in short, she was college oriented and was just starting to focus her attention onto a future career in music. 

*We also have no dated photos of LDR from 2005 (besides a few with just the year attached/ guessed - or one possibly on December 31st, 2005). However, there are confirmed videos from that time, that still have not & likely will not leak anytime soon rip. 

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