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[Winner Anounced] LFL Coke Bottle Vinyl

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Hello bbs 


Open to US/CAN residents only, sorry international luvs. 

If you’d like to enter for a chance to win the LFL Coke Bottle Vinyl, just comment ur fav LFL track below. Winner will be chosen at random via one of those online spin wheel thingies! 

Contest closes August 30th, 2023. Obviously the vinyl will be shipped to you after I receive it in Nov. 2023. 

I will cover all shipping costs! 




Winner: @boom like that

candy for my eyes, in my veins you run citrus

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13 Beaches (or maybe Get Free) :true: ty for doing this <3

Y0jLcfB.gif.˚₊‧.༻𓆩❤︎𓆪 My love's pourin' 𓆩‪‪❤︎𓆪༺.‧₊˚. yxuiMLe.gif

°l||l°l||l°l||l°l||l°l||l°l||Like a waterfall.||l°l||l°l||l°l||l°l||l°l||


⇆ | ◁◁ ▐ ▌ ▷▷ | ↺

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Posted (edited)

You legend!!!!

My top three are

  2. Heroin
  3. and probably Cherry if not 13 Beaches!


Also this would be one of three albums I need left to complete my Lana vinyl collection (of one vinyl per Lana album) 

(I still need Paradise and NFR as well as LFL)

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Kesha Unreleased Tracker

5 hours ago, twinkletoes7 said:

is today a dream.. :pout: i have never heard this but it also sounds familiar i don’t know anything anymore. where am i


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see when ur generous, caring, kind, compassionate


i love tomorrow never came, def my fav

the earth shattered, the sky opened


that rain was fire, but we were wooden

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