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Candy Necklace WINS "Best Alternative" and nominated for "Best Art Direction" at the VMAS!

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22 minutes ago, LifeOnMars said:

I’m trying to figure out how they know that it’s the JFK airport. 

Unless we’re not looking at the control tower in the background, it’s neither EWR nor JFK


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usually not one to clown, but people are still arriving, even bigger names still haven’t gotten there (taylor, selena) so idk i feel like she could still be there 


also who knows if the makeup artist posted the pic as soon as he landed or if it took awhile before he got signal, or if he simply just posted it while he was waiting for lana at the hotel orrr

2 minutes ago, Mer said:



also these accounts don’t know shit 😭 they just be saying things 

usually there’s always someone who ends up having to accept an award via video - so this was an easy thing to tweet and “get right”

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Just now, brandon said:


if ur lying istg

candy for my eyes, in my veins you run citrus

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