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Favourite Lana Lyrics

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I had a look and surprisingly I couldn't find a thread for this, but if one does exists then feel free to merge or whatever!  :hooker:


Lana's incredible ability as a songwriter is one of the most celebrated things about her, so let's share our favourite Lana lyrics here!  :D


What are your favourites and why? I could go on forever with my favourites, but to name a few...


"Hello heaven, you are a tunnel lined with yellow lights on a dark night" - from 'Yayo'. It's just such a gorgeous line. It really reflects the feeling of finding someone who's almost like a savoir or an angel or something that's come along to light up your dark path, I love it.


"It only take two hours to Nevada, I wear your sparkle, you call me your mama" - 'Yayo' again. Fcking beautiful song  :defeated:

"Nothing scares me anymore" - from 'Summertime Sadness'. I know it's simple, but these four words sum up the entire feel of the song for me. In my opinion, this line is enough to capture the spirit of Summer and that feeling of being free, happy and most of all, invincible.


"I'm in love with a dying man" - from 'Kill Kill'. What I love about this line is that you could take it to mean so many different things and interpret it in so many different ways. I have my own personal interpretation of it that I can relate to, but I'm sure y'all don't wanna know  :hooker:


"I didn't know it would come to this, but that's what happens when you're on your own, and you're alright letting nice things go" - from 'Pawn Shop Blues'. It's just so damn true and something I can relate to sometimes.


"Been trying hard not to get into trouble but I, I've got a war in my mind" - from 'Ride'. Don't we all have a war in our minds sometimes?  :ohno:


"Roses, Bel Air, take me there" - from 'Bel Air'. I guess on paper it's not all that, but in the context of the song this line is like heaven. The way Lana describes Bel Air makes it sound like her personal heaven and I feel like we all have our own Bel Air, right? (IIIIIIIN WEST PHILADELPHIA BORN AND RAISED...) I just love it, it's so divine.


So what about you guys?

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"Love is mean and love hurts" is my all time favourite lyric i think


Ugh and the way she delivers the line with like, venom and pain, oh god you can feel the angst like nothing else.  :icant:


(((Special mention to "sometimes I get lonely, millions can hold me now")))

i have a tumblr right


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''Now my life is sweet like cinnamon, like a fucking dream i'm living in'' From Radio Because it's a beautiful line. And shows how much Lana wanted fame and how much she thinks of it. It's her dream.


''Red, white, blues in the sky, summers in the air, and baby heavens in your eyes'' From National Anthem its how I felt in my last relationship.


''I pray your life is sweet, you fucker, damn you'' From Damn You well that's pretty obvious.


''You will never see my face, if you don't get me out of this place now baby, i'm not crazy. i'm leaving are you coming with me?'' From Prom Song (Gone Wrong) Because it's like she's being a crazy bitch, then saying ''But i'm not crazy'' and i love that. 


''You used to call yourself the don, and call me Queen Diana, you always made me blush, and say 'shut up are you bananas'.'' From Prom Song (Gone Wrong) the way she says the line is lovely and sums up the relationship she had with the man. her english teacher.


''If you wanna get high with me, i'm in the back doing crack drinking p-p-pepsi'' From Boarding School Because it shows how young she was when she was doing drugs. And the idea that doing drugs and drinking drinks like Pepsi was being an amazing rebel.


''Life is a velvet crowbar, hitting you over the head'' From Velvet Crowbar. Because it is. sometimes. 


''Educated in the language of 'doing it''' From Boarding School Because erm shes educated in sex  :hooker:


''Death doesn't come with a warning'' From Velvet Crowbar


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The way she delivers the lyrics or just the lyrics in general?? My answers would be a lot different if I had to go with one or the other. I'll do both, though. :cuteface:



Jimmy pulls up in his blue Chevy Nova, I have been dyin' for him to come over.


If you want a cola, I can make it colder.


Oh my heart, it breaks every step that I take,

But I'm hoping at the gates, they'll tell me that you're mine.


I feel so alone on the Friday nights, 

Can you make it feel like home if I tell you you're mine?


I was so confused as a little child, trying to take what I could get,

Scared that I couldn't find all the answers, honey.


That's where the beginning of the end begun,

Everybody knew that we had too much fun

We were skipping school and drinking on the job, with the boss.


They were the only friends I ever had.


I tried so hard to act nice like a lady,

You taught me that it was good to be crazy. ♥


They're disgusting, I'm delicious.  :hooker: 


Sometimes I get lonely, everybody told me no... 


In the name of higher consciousness, I let the best man I knew go

'Cause it's nice to love and be loved but it's better to know all you can know.


I can tell that you're the type to never trust a beauty queen,

But I was never voted for nothing in high school, never meaned anything to anybody.


Don't leave me now, don't say goodbye.


I drive fast, radio blares, have to touch myself to pretend you're there.


Please don't leave, it's all happening. 


I'll do what you like, I won't make a sound.


You know how I like that celebrity type, poor me.


I have a disco ball mind, lights flashing all the time

I have a disco ball mind. I wanna die, I wanna die.




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"Yo' good luck good luck good luck. May all the stars in the sky bow down to you. We're through." - Oof.


"But yo she crazy like in every single way, like a hurricaine, you gotta get out of your way!" - Angry screaming, love it.


"Keep them other girls at bay or i will blow them all away." - Gangsta bitch<3


"What'd God give me a plan for? He never helps me do it!" - That really rings out to me. Its true.


"If you cant stand the heat, then stay out of the fire." Reminds me to refrain from telling my teacher how i feel! I know it would cause a "fire" so to say, and i cant handle that lol.


"The flames are getting higher and so's my desire." They certainly are:(


I'm not very good at giving details on why i like these lyrics. Most are for personal reasons, as in they really mean something to me, and others are just because i like them.

Hard to put into words, i think.


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Ahhh also "My pussy taste like Pepsi Cola"

I mean I really love it when she sings it continuously in the end it's a very stupid but catchy phrase


tbh I was singing it yesterday and when my mother heard she asked me "what the fck are you singing? :lanasrs:  you don't have a pussy" :judgingu:



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"Wining and dining, drinking and driving, excessive buying, overdose and dyin', on our drugs and our love, and our dreams and our rage, blurring the lines between real and the fake"


THIS. The near rapping, i can't express how much i love the way the words fall out/melody/beat.


"We get crazy every Friday night, I drop it like it’s hot in the pale moonlight, grand Ole Opry, feelin' all right, Mary's swayin’ softly, to her heart's delight."


The way she says certain words like 'crazy' and 'Opry', they just hit me with so much emotion not the actual word just how they sound.


Tbh i don't care for lyrics specifically but more of how they sound with the melody/beat/how they fit, like how the actual word sounds when i'm listening to the music, not their meaning.




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"No one lives forever, but that's no reason to give up" 


"Baby stopping at 7Eleven, there in his white Pontiac heaven"


"Palm trees in black and white, last thing I saw before I died"


"I murder love in the night, watching them fall one by one they fight"


"Lets get out of this place 'cause you're starting to waste within this teenage wasteland"


"Lights, camera, acción. You know I can make it on my own"


"White Lincoln Continental, pick me up from my motel"


"Cheap trailer trash and everyone knows it, but she got a great ass and she knows how to show it"


"I'm Miss America, now I'm gone, baby gone"


"In the land of Gods and monsters, I was an angel looking to get fucked hard"


"I sing the Body Electric"


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in no order


"my clothes still smell like you, and all the photographs say you're still young / i pretend i'm not hurt, and go about the world like i'm having fun" - body electric


"i am my only god now" - disco


"you can mow the lawn for money, i can make you playlists / you brought me dime bags, felt like we were famous" - back to tha basics


"put your red dress on, put your lipstick on, sing your song song, now the camera's on... and you're alive again" - carmen


the second verse of video games on the whole


"keep making me laugh, let's go get high / the road is long, we carry on, try to have fun in the meantime" - born to die


"and baby, i'm bad too, it's not just you / but i can't wait forever to trust you" - butterflies


"i know i go go dance, but i do it for kicks / i never have to work cause my daddy is rich" - go go dancer


"walking is an art, so is my body / papi is a workaholic, i'm his little party" - noir


and all of ride <3


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There are tons but this is just what comes in my head at the moment!






I wanna be the whole world's girl gramma


And I'm in love with everyone





Palm trees in black and white, last thing I saw before I died


Just do what you love, just do what you can


National Anthem


I sing the National Anthem while I am standing over your body, hold you like a python

You can't keep your hands off me or your pants on


Dark and lonely, I need somebody to hold me


God, you're so handsome


Without You


Everything I want I have:

Money, notoriety and rivieras.
I even think I found God
In the flash bulbs of the pretty cameras,


I can be your china doll, you wanna see me fall



Hit me and tell me your mine 

I don't know why but I like it

Scary my God you're divine

Give me them give me them dope and diamonds


You Can Be The Boss

You say you treat em mean to keep them keen



I am my only God


Kill Kill

1,2 make it fun

Don't trust anyone


Axl Rose Husband

I said, “Daddy, I need you” (yes) 

Greenwich, I need you Strangled up in ivy 
I’m the garden of Eden Lady Liberty 
Til it flame I'm shinin'

Queen, queen 



You have to take me right now from this dark trailer park right now


It only takes two hours to Nevada


Dum Dum

I'm a bad jazz singer
Giving you the finger
No matter what, you'll linger
Cuz you like me even when i am mean
I'm the queen


Delicious (I actually luv this song lmao)

I'm delicious, you can't touch this, I'm that bitch that you can't fuck with


Daddy Issues

A-A-A-A-A-And they call you Baby Blue

Cus it's your favorite color




*** People call me crazy but I'm in demand ***

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i have several 



National Anthem

 Dark and lonely, I need somebody to hold me.



Their heavy words can't bring me down, I've been raised from the dead. 


American Dreams came true somehow

I swore I'd chase em' till I was dead



Don't cry Bunny

Crazy girl,

don't you know you are the world?


Back To Tha Basics

Baby we could go,
Back to the basics.
Trailer park love,
Wearing them ASICS,
And gold


Prom Song (Gone Wrong)

See you in the hall like Hello, Hello.

Up against the wall like let's go, let's go.



Mermaid Motel

Buy my purple wig

For my mermaid video
Walk back to where we live


Lucky Ones

I tried so hard to act nice like a lady,

You taught me that it was good to be crazy



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I'm gonna have to do one for almost each song tbh...

"Love you more than those bitches before" from Blue Jeans

"Baby stopin' at 7-11, there in his white Pontiac Heaven" Diet Mountain Dew

"Red, white, blue is in the sky, Summer's in the air, and baby Heaven's in your eyes" National Anthem

"All my friends ask me why I stay strong, tell 'em when you find true love it lives on" Dark Paradise

"Every now and then the stars align,boy and girl meet by the great desgin" Lucky Ones

"We don't stick together cause we put love first" TIWMUG

The whole chorus in Ride

"You were like tall tan/so sick" in American

"My pussy tastes like Pepsi Cola" in Cola

"Mary prays the rosary for my broken mind" Body Electric


"Idle of roses, Iconic soul, I know your name" Bel Air


i think her lyracism improved a lot on Paradise Edition. So much more symbolic, and innovative.

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I have soo many, like at least 5 from each song! Hahaha, but I'll post 4


"Harvey's in the sky with diamonds and he's making me crazy" from Cola; since the first time I heard this line, I was hooked on the song. There's something so... euphoric and magical about the lyrics, and the way she sings them is incredible. I love it!


"Been trying hard not to get into trouble but I, I've got a war in my mind" from Ride; Amazing! I love the way she writes very deep things in just a few words. This can have so many meanings.


"What God gave me a brain for if he won't let me use it?" from You're Gonna Love Me; Like the previous one, I think this can be taken in many different ways, and I love it!


"Wining and dining, drinking and driving, excessive buying, overdose and dying, and the drugs and the love and our dreams and our rage, blurring the lines between real and the fake" from National Anthem; LOVE TO DANCE TO THESE LYRICS!

----      ---Harvey's in the sky with diamonds and he's making me crazy. All he wants to do is party with his pretty baby

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A lot of the lyrics I love were mentioned already so I won't do it again to keep this a bit shorter  :smile2:



Back to Malibu, in our trailer park for two 


All of Brite Lites.  :flutter:


And I'm in love with everyone, and I don't wanna think I'm wrong


Could be kissing my fruit-punch lips in the bright sunshine


Just like you said, it's all been done before - I don't have to talk pretty for them no more. I can talk what I want, how I wanna, I don't have to talk taste for you mama


All Yayo  :cuteface:


We're in the Pontiac from July to July


My old man is a tough man, but he's got a soul as sweet as blood red jam and he shows me, he knows me every inch of my tar black soul


Come on baby, let's ride, we can escape to great sunshine ~ We made it out to the other side


All Dark Paradise 


I've got a bad disease, will no one help me please, not even you? 


He thinks that little girls are butterflies and clips their wings


Baby has a broken heart, she can't belong to only one/ until another girl is found


I'm the ghost in your machine, your real life suicide girl


He's my drugstore cowboy, Italian alloy, classical American and I'm Amerca's sweetheart, cute delicious sweet tart, sipping on my diet Coke, singing in the trailer park



I could sit here writing all day  :squidward:



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Wow, just some one my favs, because I have a lot!


"I told you that no matter what you did I'd be by your side" Blue Jeans - All time fav.


"Sometimes love's not enough when the road gets tough, I don't know why" Born to die - Amazing! Helped me a lot, when I was depressed.


"My pussy tastes like pepsi cola, My eyes are wide like cherry pies" Cola - I have to say anything? :D


"Flowers in my hair and your breath smelled like whiskey" - "Every once in a lifetime dreams can come true" Damn you - Reminds me of my boyfriend.


"Cause baby we were born to live fast and die young"  Never let me go 


"You used to call yourself "the Don",And me "Queen Diana",You always make me blush I say,"Shut up, boy, you bananas." - Prom song - Playful and amazing lyrics!


"I hear the birds on the summer breeze, I drive fast, I am alone in the night, Been tryin' hard not to get into trouble, but I've got a war in my mind"  Ride 


"This is what makes us girls, We don't look for heaven and we put our love first, Don't you know we'd die for it? It's a curse" TIWMUG - Because this is simply the truest line EVER!


I have more, but I am not going to write them down, it's too much  :$


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