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This track is like, love or something. Oof just lemme- what. Some kinda new dawn type hopeful stuff wowow 


You are the only one

Babe, I was so numb, ooh, ooh
And even though I'm breaking, at least
I feel something

Choose, I say
as my fingers tremble 
This is who I am 69c0a6c0b3944da7840af32aefba0a72.gifgiphy.gif
and, and and you 
Fingers tremblin' too 


1wT9S58.gif gJ98bsd.gif RAixAXz.gif

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This sure brings back good information and even if she's gone insane, I won't neglect the art.

I am so fascinated by her production style and the muse she uses. 


I love how she describes her music too


Geidi Primes = Cyber Twee, Scifi, MySpace


Halfaxa = Lofi ethereal hardcore    I'd describe it as just intense, not hardcore


Darkbloom = the project she forgets about.    which I hate bc I fucking love this EP


Visions = Psychedelic Scifi Twee


Art Angels = Orchestral Emo Production. personally I think E-girl / E-boy fits more than Emo


Miss Anthropocene = "My best album", Ethereal Heavy, 'video-game' inspired, horror and beauty, "an incredible feat of human ingenuity but a devestating act to pursue". 

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im so happy everything went well but idk for some reason I still kinda dont believe she's pregnant lmao I feel like its some big elaborate prank 

tumblr_mlk5fk2dDZ1s6jvbvo4_250.gif   tumblr_otaqmarVHa1u9dqtjo3_400.gif  tumblr_mlk5fk2dDZ1s6jvbvo7_250.gif


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