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Yeah, those are all of her released songs so far (and "Waiting Game" from the upcoming EP which I posted above in a soundcloud link), and there are no leaked demos/unreleased material from her either.  And I don't think she was under in a different name either, and the next EP is indeed called London.


Oh, that's fine! I want to wait a bit more to see if I get really hooked and then I'll buy her music on iTunes. I will wait until the London EP gets released before I download "Waiting Game" as a single or something. I am glad she doesn't have demos or stuff like that because when the artists do and their unreleased songs suck it's such a let down for me.


@ Glad you're a fan now!! :party: She also did a song with Lil Silva called which is called "Work". I think that would be the only song you're missing ;)


I'm happy I'll be seeing you often in another thread now! Partying together with our awesome music taste. :party:


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Thank you!


Apparently she did a Weeknd cover since the last time this thread was active...:wtfney: Will prob have to youtube rip that one smh

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She is adorable. I was looking for interviews with her on YouTube and this is the only one I've found so far but look how precious and pretty she is.


Also, she's playing at Coachella (Saturday) & the Governor's Ball Music Festival in June.


Needed album art for her covers of What You Need & In Your Eyes so I made one  :creep:


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