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20 minutes ago, Louise said:

They were saying Taylor Swift is cashgrabbing on the SOTB thread, but though not a Swiftie, I applaud she stuck up for herself after the sale of her masters out from under her by re-recording the albums, one by one . . . which rocketed Taylor to even higher success, breaking multiple streaming and sales records in 2021 . . . so that

As Taylor Swift Rerecorded Her ‘Red’ Album, Universal Reworked Contracts
The world’s largest music company has revamped record deals to block artists from rerecording their music

Shamrock Holding the new owners didn't get the deal it was anticipating . . . as the new recordings and the support for Taylor push the originals down in value.

Now, I wish Taylor would create a ticket sales and distribution platform to put Ticketmaster out of business!


Do I contradict myself? Very well then, I contradict myself; I am large - I contain multitudes


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the new video is giving teenage dream vibes from katy perry. interesting how taylor is doing these big budget videos like katy used to. i liked it though, i guess. still don't really get the point of the video? but maybe if I watch it again...? idk


if i fuck this model and she just bleached her asshole and i get bleach on my t-shirt, imma feel like an asshole

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6 hours ago, taco truck said:

Taylor said there are suprises and treats tonight guessing either 1989tv announcement or karma mv announcement, and I definitely think ice spice is coming out to sing karma remix with her!


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21 minutes ago, tsscc said:

One of the spooky surprises is another version of the midnights album was just released called the "late night" edition for the next 16 hours for any cheapskates still left for a price of only $5.99 

featuring "you're losing me" about somebody dying or something because they refuse to act before it is to late for anyone else left that wants to make sure they get their name added to the list before "midnights" strike. "You're losing me" says it is from the vault but it might as well be a tails from the crypt. Scary shit.








I'm sure they're all losing their minds by now too.


not a surprise since she already announced that version days ago 


last.fm  —  twitter

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the Karma music video apparently directly references/includes: "1989" written in roman numerals, the graffiti "KARMA" text from The Man, the hourglass she released as limited-time Folklore merch, etc. + she liked a tweet implying the hell scene is a hint towards Reputation TV :deadbanana:

the magic dance is the cheeky flamenco

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