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I def think it’s gonna be a surprise drop. The only thing I’m wondering is if it’s gonna be another visual album or not. She set the bar so high for herself cause I’m expecting a whole movie to drop at any moment bsjdjf


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45 minutes ago, AlexIl said:

Wait so the double album B7 & B8 tea was true cause this announcement is just for "Act I" :tommy:

queen of continuing things


Paparazzi Pt. 3 and ARTPOP ACT II found dead (literal remains at this point)


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On 6/16/2022 at 9:38 AM, GeminiLanaFan said:

I’m surprised she didn’t surprise drop it this time.


Honestly I'm glad she's doing a traditional rollout. We should get the lead soonish and hopefully we'll get a film along side it which reminds me that there was a a rumor a few years ago that Beyonce signed a deal with Netflix for three of her projects one of them being Homecoming of course. So we could possibly see it being on the streaming service :pray2:


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