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t.A.T.u. {Yulia Volkova + Lena Katina}

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Tbh I only found about about them recently bc poppy covered them, but I love them and can't wait to hear more. Any specific song reccomendations are welcome of course <3

Not gonna get us, show me love, malchik gay, perfect enemy, cosmos (outer space), we shout


those are my personal favourites


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There is something to them, they feel so nostalgic and dark… like a depressing teen coming out movie, LGBTQ+ legends! 

their first album is the best, but feels short. I much rather prefer It this way 

200km/h in the Wrong Lane:


1. Not Gotta Get Us

2. All The Things She Said

3. Show Me Love

4. 30 Minutes

5. Clowns (Can You See Me Now?)

6. Malchik Gay

7. Cosmos (Outter Space)

8. Sacrifice

9. Perfect Enemy

10. Running Blind

11. Gomenasay


12. You and I (Bonus)

13. Stars (Bonus)

14. White Robe (Bonus) 

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